Stop suffering, you deserve to be happy!

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Behind every suffering, every difficulty, there is an evolutionary goal. Welcoming it allows us to live every situation in a more conscious way, treasuring it.

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Raise your hand to those who like to suffer, struggle, be engaged in an effort that tends to exasperation - even if only metaphorically - every single muscle of our being. Already. It's normal. Yet suffering and difficulty are an integral and essential part of our life: not to be sought, obviously pursued but to be welcomed, when and if they arise.

How many times have we said to ourselves: "stop suffering, I don't deserve it!"Or did they whisper to us, to console or encourage us, that we deserve to be happy? Strange as it may seem in a largely hedonistic society, which places pleasure and artificial beauty at the center of life, success as a metaphor for personal value, health "normally understood" as an indispensable condition for a life worth living , suffering and hardship are not punishments. I'm not a "bad luck".

They are difficult, that's for sure. But - on the level of the Self and even more so if we look at it from a spiritual point of view - all, all "tiring" situations represent an evolutionary opportunity: the right one, at that moment, for that person.

Who knows: on other worlds, in other times it may be that things are or have been different but here, on Earth, we grow and improve (also) always thanks to an effort, an active commitment. Life is like this: just look around. The small root that comes out of the seed must push against the integument to start living, really, and become a plant and then face all the challenges that the environment will put in front of and around it. For the child, putting his teeth together is at least annoying but it is a fundamental stage, which he must face, and which will allow him to access new experiences.

True, there are goals that can be reached easily, without putting “nothing special” into them: but, if we think about it, are they the ones that give us the most satisfaction (apart from the somewhat pompous and narcissistic one)? In reality, true pleasure emerges when we manage to go “beyond” our usual parameters, and this only happens when we increase the dose of work, activity, difficulty, commitment. It is the effort made, the tenacity in not giving up, the industrious determination to cross the stormy waters that allow you to make a "leap": in the result, in personal conscience. Even when your whole body screams at you in a non-ordinary way and asks, to welcome it, a constant commitment not to laugh, with alternating phases of up and down, until in the end you understand, discover, realize the beauty of life regardless, the talents and strength that that life gave you: as did, for example Massimiliano Sechi, coach and motivator. As each of us, in different ways, is called to do.

So what is the purpose, the hidden function, of every difficulty, emotional, physical, economic, relational and so on that we encounter? Train us to become stronger; force us to bring out all our abilities (emotional, physical, creative, relational), our dormant or unknown talents and make them alive, full of fruit. And so to improve, to grow (the more we do it consciously and with an approach that is attentive to the good of all, the more we also develop qualities of the soul, which will remain with us forever).

And at that point, here it is, happiness comes. The deeper and more subtle one, a different awareness of oneself, a broader look at reality: this is the true happiness we deserve.

Post Scriptum. Both in the effort and when the difficulty has been overcome, it is important to remember to honor the constructive and productive aspect of one's effort; a bit like when - in the lunch break and at the end of a day of harvest, at sunset - you stop (in front of your eyes the baskets full of harvested grapes, in the body all the fatigue of the work done), full of satisfaction and fullness, and the work done up to now is celebrated with a good glass of wine and a greedy pasta. Waiting to start over.

Anna Maria Cebrelli



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