Stop procrastinating, perfection doesn't exist

Is Procrastination Your Watchword? Do you always tend to postpone an exam, a commitment or a project because you don't feel ready enough? Maybe you are too perfectionist and you are forgetting that perfection does not exist or laziness is holding you back.

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Is Procrastination Your Watchword? Always tend to rimandare an exam, a commitment or a project because you don't feel ready enough? Maybe you are too perfectionist and you are forgetting that perfection does not exist or laziness is holding you back.

Between the fixation for perfectionism and the art of postponing commitments continuously, a vicious circle difficult to break. Those who keep putting off live badly because they never manage to reach the set goals and consequently they start to feel frustrated to the point of depression.

Some people tend to work better near the due date of a delivery, others prefer to anticipate and get the job done much sooner than required while still others do nothing more than postpone projects, ideas and works because they don't feel up to it.

It may happen that those who tend to procrastinate have in themselves motivations that they feel really valid: the desire to achieve perfection and a low self-esteem that they would like to nurture by doing everything to the best.

But self-esteem does not actually benefit from the constant postponements and delays, therefore anxiety, depression, a sense of inadequacy can appear together with the want to throw in the towel.


Perfectionism and procrastination together can generate a real one paralysis, but there is another factor that can come into play to generate delays upon delays. It is laziness, a real one lack of stimulation and desire to do.


Unlike the perfectionist, who tends to be too operative, the lazy person is not frightened even in the face of an impending deadline and postpones in the hope that having more time will allow him to get back into action. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and this risks undermining different areas of life starting from work because it is not certain that those who are lazy live better than others, especially when excessive laziness becomes counterproductive and becomes an obstacle in social relationships and relationships. work.

What can we do for stop procrastinating due to laziness or perfectionism?

We simply have to strive to change our behaviors and to giving up bad habits and to start the change in the best possible way, the advice is simply to start from a project we really care about, from one of our biggest dreams.

We write on a sheet of paper the precise date by which we would like to realize the first step of our project which - of course - will be divided into various steps to prevent both laziness and perfectionism, depending on the case, from gaining the upper hand.

  • Let's set our first goal
  • We choose the project we care about the most
  • We divide the commitments into various steps
  • We set intermediate expiration dates
  • We decide the final date to be respected
  • Let us commit ourselves to abandoning laziness or perfectionism
  • We improve our self-esteem
  • We work hard every day
  • We ask for help when we need it
  • Let's reward ourselves for the result achieved

It is important to remember that postponing the first step leads to delaying the final goal. With this aspect in mind, both the lazy and the perfectionists should be able to better regulate their way of organizing themselves, especially following the advice to set a project that is very important to them as a goal for change.

Are you ready to test yourself?

Marta Albè

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