Spoon desserts: the 10 most delicious recipes

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Spoon desserts that goodness, here is a collection of easy and quick recipes for all tastes and for all palates.

Spoon desserts what goodness, here is a collection of easy and quick recipes for all tastes and palates.

Spoon desserts are very delicious pastry preparations. Desserts with a usually creamy consistency or in any case such as to be consumed with cutlery, they are served cold and often do not require cooking.

Prepared in single portions inside small glasses or cocotte, lately they are also assembled inside food tins. Usually served at the end of a meal with the addition of fruit or with decorative toppings such as coulis or toppings, spoon desserts are always prepared a little in advance because, most of these, need a time to harden in the refrigerator beforehand. to be served.
Below we recommend ten recipes that we believe you should definitely experiment with.


Avocado and chocolate mousse

The avocado chocolate mousse is a truly amazing spoon dessert. To be prepared in a very short time, it does not require cooking or added fats. To make it, only two ingredients will be enough and you can also combine it with fresh or dried fruit. The recipe here.

Tiramisu With pistachios

Pistachio tiramisu is definitely one of the desserts to try at least once in your life, especially if you love pistachios. Creamy and with a very delicate flavor, there are variations and recipes for all tastes (coffee-free, vegan, gluten-free or with the addition of white chocolate. We recommend the version with mascarpone and pistachio cream made at the moment. Here find the step-by-step recipe to make it, but here are other variations.

Softest Heart Chocolate Pie

The soft heart chocolate cake is a spoon dessert that will truly surprise everyone. Its realization is very simple and its flavor is really tasty. When you break it with a spoon and see the filling slide down you will be really satisfied, but after tasting it, you will be even more so. The recipe and the tricks to make it are here.

Tiramisu in a jar

   Tiramisu is one of the most classic spoon desserts of our tradition. The original recipe includes ladyfingers soaked in coffee and mascarpone cream filling, but there are also different variations and recipes. You can taste it in single-portion glasses or in small ovenproof dishes, it doesn't matter, its goodness is undisputed. We offer you a recipe with not very refined ingredients to be made directly in a jar. Here instead you can find a collection of vegan tiramisu recipes, while here other variations for all tastes.

Almond milk cream

Almond milk cream is a very delicate preparation, perfect to serve as a spoon dessert because its consistency is similar to that of a pudding. With a fresh and delicate flavor, the recipe we propose does not contain ingredients of animal origin and is also low in calories.

Vegan strawberry tiramisu

The vegan strawberry tiramisu is a really tasty dessert. Less caloric than the classic vegetarian recipe, however, it is not lacking in taste. Colorful and easy to make, it will surely conquer young and old, you can serve it at the end of a meal with coffee or even at snack time. The recipe is here.

 Mascarpone cream

Mascarpone cream is a really tasty spoon dessert, easy to make and used to fill sweets or tiramisu, but it is also perfect on its own to accompany coffee at the end of a meal. The traditional recipe is based on sugar, rum, eggs and cream to which citric acid is added. There are also several variants. We offer you the one without rum rum, perfect, therefore also for children, to be prepared using good homemade mascarpone.

Ricotta and strawberry mousse

The ricotta and strawberry mousse is a tasty spoon dessert without cooking, it is easily prepared in a few minutes and does not require rest times. Perfect to serve even at snack time, it will surely please the whole family. The step by step recipe for making it is here.

Nougat parfait

The nougat parfait is a really fresh and tasty dessert, in its preparation meringues are always used which give it an irresistible crunchiness. It can be prepared either by hand or with the aid of a robot following this recipe. Alternatively, you can try one of the different variants (vegan, gluten-free, etc.) present in this collection.

Blueberry cheesecake

Cheesecake is a no-bake dessert that lends itself well to being prepared even in small and convenient single portions to be served with a spoon. Composed of a base of crumbled dry biscuits and butter, this dessert is usually filled with a cream based on spreadable cheese or fresh cream. Depending on the seasonality of the ingredients, it is also possible to enrich this preparation with fresh fruit, for example you can prepare blueberry cheesecake or lemon cheesecake. If you follow a cruelty free diet, it is also possible to prepare cheesecake in a vegetable version.

Other recipes of spoon desserts

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