Spinach: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes for all tastes

Vegetarian and vegan recipes with spinach. In autumn and winter spinach is in season and we can easily have it fresh to prepare our dishes. If your family and friends don't like vegetables a little, try using spinach creatively, for example as a filling for lasagna and quiches.

spinach tart

When the spinach they are in season we can easily have them fresh to prepare our dishes. If your family and friends don't like vegetables a little, try using spinach creatively, for example as a filling for lasagna and quiches. With spinach you can prepare many vegetarian and vegan dishes really for all tastes. In fact, spinach has a delicate flavor that makes them excellent both as a side dish, for example to prepare a puré, and as a filling for omelettes or farifrittate. Thanks to these tips you can enrich your collection of vegetarian recipes and vegan. In this way you will have many ideas to bring always different dishes to the table, even if starting from the same main ingredient.

Here is a selection of recipes to prepare with spinach.


Vegetarian meatballs of spinach, potatoes and paprika

Choose spinach as the main ingredient in your vegetarian spinach, potato and paprika meatballs. You can combine spinach with potatoes to make the croquettes creamier and flavor them with aromatic herbs and paprika. Here our recipe.

Rice and spinach cake

Rice is a very versatile ingredient. Together with spinach you can use it as a filling for a savory pie. The original recipe calls for lard, but this is an optional ingredient that you will have to omit to get one vegetarian savory pie. THU the recipe to inspire you.

Homemade green spinach bread

If you love making bread at home, here is a really tasty alternative that allows you to make this food much more colorful. In fact, with spinach you can obtain bread with a nice green crumb, suitable both as an accompaniment to meals and to prepare canapes. THU our recipe.

Spinach and tofu meatballs

If you are looking for a vegan recipe you can prepare vegan spinach balls, here is an alternative for you. You can prepare these vegan meatballs from tofu, then add the spinach, ginger and breadcrumbs. THU our recipe.

Vegan version dumplings

Have you ever thought you could prepare the dumplings in vegan version? Those who want to adapt traditional recipes to their food choices can always find an alternative and we want to suggest a very interesting recipe. THU the instructions to follow to prepare vegan dumplings.

Savory potato and spinach tart (gluten and egg free recipe)

Do you have spinach available and you don't know how to cook it? The potato and spinach savory tart is easy to make as a valid alternative to the classic savory pies will surely conquer even children for its sweet and delicate taste. To be served as second dish juxtaposed with a side dish with seasonal vegetables, the salty potato and spinach tart is made more appetizing by a generous handful of vegetarian parmesan. Here you will find the recipe to follow step by step.

Spinach and potato medallions

The potato and spinach medallions: a tasty second course, easy to make and excellent to serve both warm and at room temperature, they are also perfect to be consumed during lunch break at work. A second vegetable dish that will delight both adults and children. Here the complete recipe.

Bread with spinach (recipe with sourdough)

You can prepare spinach bread with a surplus of sourdough and a black flour made from spelled and buckwheat, the bread with spinach is very fragrant, soft and very tasty. Here you will find the complete recipe.

Spinach and lentil meatballs on Jerusalem artichoke cream

These spinach and lentil meatballs on Jerusalem artichoke cream are perfect to entice your children to eat more vegetables, but they will also be perfect to enrich your table for a dinner with friends, to also serve as finger food for an aperitif. Here is the recipe to follow.

Spanakopita: Greek spinach pie

There are many variations and the recipe to prepare the spanakopita, or the salty spinach pie of Greek origin. Few ingredients to use: spinach, feta, filo pastry, onion, eggs and ricotta ... To be served as a single dish accompanied by a plate of seasonal vegetables. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Other recipes with spinach

  • Sliced ​​potato and spinach pie
  • Cannelloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach
  • Homemade vegetable spinach

You have other recipes vegetarian or vegan with spinach to suggest?

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