Spicy spices: an elixir of life thanks to the pain-blocking capsaicin

Spices are rich in properties including that of extending life thanks to the presence of capsaicin which blocks the perception of pain. But they must be spicy

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Le spices, they have many properties and it is no coincidence that they have a millenary tradition. Today, new research has highlighted the health benefits of some of these, especially the hotter ones including chilli, pepper and paprika which, according to scholars, they would guarantee a longer life.
The beneficial effect of these spices would be attributable in particular to the fact that they manage to decrease if not completely block the perception of pain.

To say it are the researchers of theUniversity of California who published the results of their study (unfortunately conducted on an animal model) in the journal Cell. What they noticed is that, blocking a particular receptor that allows you to feel pain (Trpv1), the sampled mice developed fewer tumors, improved their metabolism, generally enjoyed better health and lived 14% longer.

Researchers therefore are strongly inclined to believe that, as stated Andrew Dillin, author of the study: “By blocking the pain receptor we are not only able to stop pain, but we can also extend life”. The receptor in the research was blocked using a genetic process but as Dillin himself explained, the same result can be achieved much more simply by eating spices.

Not all spices are good though, they would be particularly beneficial for this purpose the spicier ones as they contain capsaicin, an active ingredient which, among its various properties, also has that of acting on the perception of pain.

Then concludes Dillin: "Regular ingestion of capsaicin can prevent age-related metabolic problems and increase longevity."

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