Spelled flour: 20 sweet and savory recipes

Spelled flour is a very versatile ingredient that allows you to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. In both cases, in fact, spelled flour replaces the classic soft wheat flour very well. Depending on your preferences, you can choose classic spelled flour or wholemeal spelled flour for your recipes.

Do not store avocado like this: it is dangerous Spelled flour, a selection of 10 sweet and 10 savory recipes to use this very versatile flour in the kitchen with taste

La spelled flour it is a very versatile ingredient that allows you to prepare both sweet and savory recipes. In both cases, in fact, spelled flour replaces the classic soft wheat flour very well. Depending on your preferences, you can choose yours farr flour recipesor classical or the wholemeal spelled flour.

Follow our collection of recipes with spelled flour to always prepare something new to bring to the table, for lunch or dinner as regards savory dishes made with spelled flour or for a snack and breakfast in the case of desserts.



Savory strudel with vegetables

The savory strudel with spelled flour is perfect to serve as a main course or as an appetizer. For the filling of your strudel you can choose the seasonal vegetables you prefer in order to always vary the recipe.

Broccoli muffins

Broccoli muffins are a savory version of the classic sweet muffins. We advise you to prepare them for a buffet lunch or dinner or to help children appreciate vegetables.

Savory baked potato donuts

Spelled flour will be great as an ingredient to prepare the dough for your homemade savory potato donuts. We advise you to flavor them with aromatic herbs such as rosemary and oregano.

Savory pie with peas and cumin seeds

Combine spelled flour with rice flour to prepare a tasty homemade pea pie. We suggest you prefer fresh peas and flavor the preparation with caraway seeds.

Savory plumcake with zucchini and mint

With spelled flour you can prepare a salty plum cake to be stuffed with diced courgettes and flavored with mint. You can slice the plumcake and bring it to the table as an alternative to bread.

Piadina with chickpea falafel with spelled flour

Choose spelled flour to prepare your homemade wraps. You can get tasty wraps to stuff with chickpea falafel and a fresh carrot and rocket salad.

Spelled croutons with sesame seeds

Have you ever tried to prepare croutons at home? We suggest you choose spelled flour and sourdough for the dough and flavor your homemade croutons with sesame seeds which will also give crunchiness to the recipe.

BAGEL of spelled flour with sourdough

Bagels are ring-shaped yeast dough buns. They are lightly boiled in water before cooking in the oven and are usually decorated with poppy seeds or various seeds. Find out how to prepare homemade bagels with spelled flour and sourdough.

Savory courgette pie with spelled flour

Spelled flour is also a suitable ingredient to easily prepare the dough for the base of your homemade savory pies. The zucchini savory pie, for example, will be even richer if you add potatoes and season it with self-produced pesto.

Unleavened bread with spelled flour

Unleavened bread is a rather thin and crunchy yeast-free bread very easy to prepare and suitable for those suffering from brewer's yeast intolerance since the dough does not contain it. You can flavor the unleavened bread with aromatic herbs such as oregano and rosemary.

Oil sandwiches with spelled and turmeric: the recipe with surplus sourdough

Simple and practical to prepare, also perfect to be inserted in a cold buffet. To be filled as desired, these turmeric variegated oil buns are soft and colorful, also perfect for serving veggie burgers. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.


Wholemeal biscuits with spelled flour and walnuts

If you are looking for a recipe for making homemade biscuits, try our version of wholemeal biscuits with spelled flour and walnuts. Walnuts will add flavor and crunch to your sweets.

Homemade brioche with spelled flour and sourdough (vegan recipe)

If you have sourdough and spelled flour available, you can prepare delicious homemade brioches to be filled with jam or chocolate cream and to be enjoyed as a snack or at breakfast.

3) Sweet braid with spelled flour and sourdough

Always with spelled flour and sourdough you can create a sweet homemade braid that is beautiful to look at and good to eat, especially if accompanied by a delicious cup of tea.

Carrot tartlets with spelled flour

Homemade carrot tartlets are an excellent alternative to packaged snacks and breakfast products. You will get soft and light desserts that both children and adults will like, even as a dessert.

Vegan cake with cocoa, pears and cinnamon

A classic, cruelty-free and surprisingly easy to make dessert? A vegan version of a pear, cocoa and cinnamon cake is for you, especially with this winter and pre-Christmas vibe in the air. Especially since it will spread a warm and sweet aroma throughout your home in every corner.

6) Mini apple plumcake with spelled flour

Here are some really easy treats to make. The mini apple plumcakes are suitable for breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert. They will be able to replace the classic packaged snacks with the advantage of knowing perfectly the ingredients with which they were prepared.

Grape focaccia with spelled flour and mother yeast

The grape focaccia is also known as ciaccia all'uva or schiacciata all'uva. The classic recipe includes brewer's yeast, white sugar and soft wheat flour 00. We have modified it by choosing natural leavening with sourdough and ingredients as little refined as possible.

Soft apple pie with spelled flour

Apple pie is one of the desserts we love the most because it reminds us of snacks from when we were children. Preparing a soft and tasty apple pie is really very simple, just follow the recipe well and dose the ingredients in the right way.

Soft chocolate cake

Is chocolate cake your favorite dessert? Then it's time to try to prepare a really delicious and excellent soft chocolate cake to be served at breakfast, as a snack or as a dessert.

Tarts with dark chocolate and spelled flour

You can prepare your chocolate tarts at home for breakfast or for a light snack for children and without palm oil or hydrogenated fats, so you can avoid buying packaged snacks.

You know others recipes with spelled flour to suggest?

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