Spelled and peppers salad

How to prepare spelled and peppers salad, a simple, tasty and colorful recipe that served cold becomes an excellent summer single dish.

How to prepare thespelled and pepper salad, a simple, tasty and colorful recipe that served cold becomes an excellent summer single dish.

Based on suns vegetable ingredients, the spelled and pepper salad is perfect for meals away from home and it is also suitable to be inserted between the dishes of a cold buffet.

Low in calories, high in fiber and low index glicemico, farro it is a cereal of very ancient origins that in recent years is having its rightful revenge. Excellent for preparing soups and soups and equally suitable for use in the preparation of cold dishes, just like our spelled and pepper salad.

La preparazione of the spelled and pepper salad is really simple and if you have little time to devote to the stove, do not despair, you can divide the preparation of the dish according to your commitments. You can in fact lbe the spelled in advance or prepare the roasted peppers in advance; however, once ready you can keep the spelled and pepper salad in the refrigerator until ready to serve.



  • 1500 gr of yellow and red peppers
  • 280 grams of spelled
  • 200 gr of pitted black olives
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Preparation Time:
    60 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    20 minutes
  • Rest time:
  • Dose:
    for 4 people
  • difficulty:

How to prepare the spelled and pepper salad:

  • Prepare roasted peppers (Here the step by step recipe).
  • Rinse the spelled under running water then place it in a pan full of cold water,
  • lead to the boil and cook for about twenty minutes.
  • Meantime shred the peppers and put them in a large bowl,
  • when the spelled will be cooked, drain it, cool it under running water and add it to peppers,
  • to merge also olives and season with salt and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Mix and serve.


How to preserve the spelled and pepper salad:

THEspelled and pepper salad it can be kept for a couple of days, as long as it is placed in the refrigerator in special airtight containers.

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