Sourdough: how to store sourdough when you go on vacation and reactivate it when you return

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How to store sourdough, a foolproof method to make natural yeast inactive by putting it on stand-by and then reactivating it when you return from holidays

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How to store sourdough when you go on vacation, here is a sure way to put your natural yeast to rest to reactivate it, then, as soon as you get back. It is a real "stand-by" that allows you to make it inactive and not let it "die" despite the lack of refreshments.

The mother yeast is composed of microorganisms that need continuous care, and the weekly refreshment is a must so as not to alter its delicate balance. However, when you have to go away for several days, you never know how to behave: there are those who have the opportunity to bring their mother yeast with them and those who entrust it to the care of their neighbor.

Today we advise you instead to "flour" your sourdough making it inactive and autonomous for up to twelve months.

This method, reliable and tested, it will allow you to keep the mother yeast in periods when you are away from home or simply do not want to use it.
Below, you will find our detailed advice for keeping your father mother:

  • Freshen up the sourdough and wait for it to double,
  • Than we weigh it and put it in a food processor together with the flour which must be of the same weight as the sourdough,
  • and working with the food processor until "flour".
  • Transfer all in a pan lined with parchment paper and let it dry,
  • when the floured sourdough will be completely dry, transfer it to an airtight container and keep it in the refrigerator until ready to reactivate it.
  • To reactivate the sourdough will have to weigh its "flour",
  • Than we it must be mixed with water which must be 50% of its weight.
  • A follow do a couple of refreshments as usual and after the second the sourdough will be active.


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