Sound bath: the regenerative power of vibrations to rebalance body, mind and spirit

The sound bath, done with the help of gongs and Tibetan bells, is a very simple and pleasant way to balance energies and relax

Il sound bath it is a very simple and pleasant way to balance energies, relax and help harmonize body, mind and spirit.

The so-called sound baths (sound baths or gong baths) they are part of the tradition of many disciplines such as yoga and meditation, where they are used towards the end of the practice to balance energy and relax.

In fact, it is believed that these sounds, made with the use of specific instruments, are able to regulate and harmonize the energy center of those who listen to them and perceive them at a subtle level.

The characteristic name refers to the fact that the person who receives them is as if he were at the center of a cascade of sounds, a a kind of very special and decidedly unconventional musical bath.

The sounds and vibrations of Tibetan bells but above all of the Gong are capable of envelop us completely and let us immerse ourselves in a new dimension made of complete relaxation.


Useful tools

The sacred sound baths are performed with one or more instruments by the person who guides the practice while the person receiving the treatment is comfortably stretched out on a mat with their eyes closed. If the coordinator chooses only one instrument, it is likely that it is the Gong.

The Gong comes from Asia and is a percussion instrument. It is a flat metal disc with slightly curved edges, hung from a harness or, if small, with a drawstring to hold it in the hand. Its sound is very particular.

It is usually accompanied in the sacred musical bath by other instruments, such as Tibetan bells, in order to obtain a more melodic sound. Tibetan bells, whose shape resembles that of a bowl, are used by placing them on the ground or holding them in the hand. They produce a polyharmonic vibration that is considered to be very relaxing and capable of get to "touch" the innermost and subtle parts of our body.


Other instruments that can be used during sound baths are the angelic harp, cymbals, harmonic drums, rattles and more.

To get an idea of ​​the sounds you can watch (and above all listen to) the following video:

Benefits of the sound bath

Sound-based therapies use the resonance principle which causes the vibration to spread and generate vibrations elsewhere. It is a kind of "contagion" effect capable of modifying frequencies, activating brain waves and increasing levels of awareness.

The oriental tools used in the disciplines that involve the body and the mind have a double function: they help to reduce the sense of "physicality" and the mind but also the body to feel lighter.

The gong baths are a kind of sound massage which favors greater inner peace, relativizing time, slowing down the pace, helping us to look at things in a different way from how we generally perceive them. They help the connection between body and spirit, the outside and the inside of our body, reduce stress and mental load caused by routine and daily commitments, anxiety situations also improve.

It is a type of sound that can balance the mind, regulate the glandular system and promote the regeneration of the nervous system. These sounds would therefore have, in some way, a certain therapeutic power.

On a spiritual level, sound baths are great for stimulating and rediscovering one's intuitions.

Has this practice intrigued you? You just have to find the place closest to you where you can try to live this experience.

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