Smiling: 15 Health Benefits. All the power of a smile

Smiling is good for health and mood, it helps fight stress and helps us in relationships with others.

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Smiles are free and try to smile to feel better it costs nothing. Plus it's really contagious. So let's smile more and try to work to change the world one smile at a time.


Increase longevity

Who smile lives longer and it seems younger. The natural smile rejuvenates the face by at least 3 years and those who smile more can see their life expectancy extended by up to 7 years. In short, smiling is a real guarantee to always feel young.

Strengthens the immune system

Smiling helps the body relax. The Relaxing allows the immune system to react more quickly and effectively to threats. If our immune systems work better, we will get sick less and our health will gain.

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Reduces stress

Smile often and naturally relieves stress. Often the symptoms of stress can be seen on the face, but a smile can help us appear less tired and dejected. So when you're feeling stressed, try taking a deep breath and a nice smile. It will help you feel a little better.

Blood pressure

Smiling helps reduce pressure and to slow your heart rate. This means that our heart will function better and without getting too tired. People who smile often are less likely to develop heart disease and are in better health.

Good mood

Smiling, or seeing a person smiling, immediately puts us in a good mood. Because? It is thanks to the endorphins, which help us to put aside sadness and melancholy. When you feel a little down, try to smile. The effect of a beautiful smile, even when it appears forced at first, is almost immediate.

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Smiling is also good forefficiency at work. Those who smile and are in a good mood are usually more productive and work better. So, give yourself a fun break every now and then. You will return to your desk with renewed goodwill.


THEhumor It is a real gym for the brain and smiling can help. The mental exercise of knowing how to laugh helps keep your brain engaged and is as good for your mood and body as a run or a game of tennis. According to the most recent research, humor is able to increase our strength in the face of life's challenges and our mental flexibility.

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Social relations

According to a study conducted in England, i genuine smiles help us tighten sincere social relationships, while non-spontaneous smiles made only for education take us away from others. According to experts, genuine smiles are a valuable form of social reward. They are good for ourselves and for the people around us. Smiling also stimulates theempathy and encouragesoptimism.

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Reduces the risk of stroke

According to research presented by the American Stroke Association, being pessimistic and seeing everything black exposes us to a greater risk than ictus. Our way of being and our character really affect the state of health. So we always try to grasp the positive side. We can choose to be happy and optimistic to feel better right away.

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Build confidence

When people around us smile genuinely and sincerely, we tend to trust them a lot more. There confidence it is a very important component in relationships with others, even if they are mere acquaintances. Suffice it to say that some relationships were born thanks to a smile.

Stimulates concentration

Stress can limit our attention span and capacity concentration. One of the most effective weapons to guarantee our body a moment of relaxation is a smile. Smiling counteracts the negative action of stress and reopens our minds towards better perception and ability multitasking.

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It reduces pain

The smile and laughter have both been associated with one pain reduction. Thanks to smiles and laughter, in fact, endorphins are released in our body, which not only improve mood, but also help us to better tolerate pain and relieve it. Hence the spread and success of the clown-therapy in hospitals.

The key to success

Smiling instills safety and it can be the key to success, both in life and at work. Smiling people tend to attract fulfilling relationships as well positive feedback. They accept the help of others more willingly and are open to peaceful confrontation. They are not interested in competition and tend to come up with winning ideas.

Makes you more attractive

Smiles make people more attractive and nice. Shaking hands with a person who smiles back is a pleasant experience that improves ours first impression on new acquaintances. Those who smile often appear at ease and more open to others than those who tend to always sulk.

Laughter Yoga

And if a beautiful one should be born from a simple smile laugh? Laughing is good for your health. This is confirmed by the numerous benefits of Laughter Yoga, which go hand in hand with the positive effects of simply smiling: overcoming stress, anger, fear and pain.

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