“Smart Strips - Chick'n Style” soy chicken: the product test

The New York product trial of vegan soy chicken strips chicken

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At New York, among the many factors that lead a person to choose a vegetarian diet, certainly does not include the economic one. In fact, around here, fruit and vegetables are not cheap at all. Most are sold by the piece (and not by weight) and the costs are quite high compared to European standards. Nonetheless the offer for vegetarians / vegans is certainly greater than that of the old continent. Taking a tour in any supermarket, the first thing that catches your eye is how the protein alternatives to meat are practically endless. Tempeh, Tofu and Seithan are the masters, but they are not the only ones to populate the refrigerated counters. In fact, the number of substitutes is incredible: soy sauce, wheat "meat", 100% vegetable chicken, sliced ​​tofu for sandwiches, kebabs and soy sausages. These are just some of the dishes that can be purchased for those who have decided to adopt (or just want to try) this food style.

The brand that dominates it is called Light Life and is widespread throughout the United States of America, by taking a summary tour on their site you will notice, in fact, an offer that to say varied is an understatement. The part dedicated to recipes is also very interesting, while the map of the points of sale is much less they are limited to the American continent only.

The aspect worthy of consideration is precisely theexcess of visibility they have, within the food culture of this country, the products in question, so much so as to make you want to try them. And so it was. The undersigned, who is not a vegetarian, even if he has always been a lover of this approach to life, has decided to buy one, prepare it and eat it. Also because he was particularly intrigued by the news a few months ago of the launch in the States of soy chicken for vegetarians.

Before narrating the experience, however, a consideration must be made: fashion in statistics is the maximum frequency, the value that appears most frequently. When one thing, then, it is more evident and present the possibility of noticing it becomes easier. For us, being vegetarians, compared to the stars and stripes state, is still something of a niche. There are supermarkets, but they are specific. There are restaurants, but only exclusive and specialized in this cuisine. In America, being a vegetarian is not a choice, but a possibility. And, from what world to world, power is much easier than choosing. I mean, in short, that having such an evident reality in one's cultural agenda - such as the vegetarian diet - can help to make people understand the reason for this choice, the advantages and spread a way of eating that is right, healthy and sustainable.

Returning to the stove, what I bought and cooked is called “Smart Strips – Chick’n Style”. IS as if they were chicken strips, those that are usually found in the salad and, in fact, what I have prepared it is a tasty one salad. Armed with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and pitted black olives, I started my dish. First I cut, cleaned the vegetables and put them in a salad bowl. On the stove, however, the "Smart Strips" were cooked with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Once their color turned golden, I took them out of the pan and put them together with the vegetables. To season everything I prepared a sauce with vinegar, oil, ground pepper, salt and mustard which, once mixed well, was put on the dish.

If I hadn't made it myself and, under a bandage, I was asked what I ate, the answer would have been surely: "A chicken salad!". It's amazing how the flavor is the same and, perhaps, even tastier. This product contains: water, soy, natural flavors, less than 2% salt, brewer's yeast, extract, tapioca starch, onion powder, dextrose, garlic powder, paprika, potassium chloride and chicory fibers. Zero fat and 28% of the daily value of protein, iron, vitamin C and calcium. Its price is, instead, of $ 4.79 which is equivalent to 3,44 euros. A truly positive experience that will make me reflect, even more, on how right it is to eat meat.

Alessandro Ribaldi

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