Sleeping with the TV and lights on makes you gain weight

Sleeping with the TV and lights on makes you gain weight

Sleeping with the TV and lights on would increase weight because it would interfere with the sleep cycle and with hormones that regulate hunger.

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Before going to sleep, it is best to turn off the TV and the lights. The reason? According to a study, falling asleep with the TV and lights on makes you gain weight.

It will sound strange, but turn off televisions and lights in the bedroom and enjoying a good, restful sleep could help pass the costume test.

TVs and lights on at night cause weight gain

A recent cohort study by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of North Carolina analyzed the association between exposure to artificial lights during sleep and the risk of obesity in women.

The study involved 40 thousand exposed women between 35 and 74 years of age and considered any weight changes in relation to presence or absence of light during sleep. The researchers also distinguished between light coming from outside, weak or strong light in the room and light emitted by the TV on.

According to the study results, women exposed to artificial light while sleeping were shown to have one greater likelihood of developing overweight and obesity.

Research therefore suggests that theexposure to artificial light it could be a risk factor for overweight and obesity. Further studies are needed to clarify the association between artificial light and weight gain and to understand if reduce exposure to artificial lights during sleep can prevent the risk of obesity.

Because artificial night light makes you fat

Weight gain registered in women sleeping with the TV or lights on it could be due to an alteration in the quality of sleep that would lead to eating more the next day.

In fact, there are numerous studies on the risk of obesity associated with irregular sleep cycles or an insufficient amount of hours of rest, carried out on both adults and children.

Sleep little or badly it would alter the hormones that regulate appetite by causing you to eat more during the day. In addition, lack of rest would increase stress levels, another reason for opening the refrigerator more often throughout the day.

So if you want to keep fit, pay attention to the quantity and quality of sleep, as well as food.

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