Slap: a red bracelet to not forget the children in the car

The bracelet so as not to forget the children in the car given by some municipalities in the welcome kit for new born

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A bracelet to not forget the children in the car. After apps, alarming child seats and software installed on the cars, Marco De Iuliis, a designer from Arluno, in the province of Milan, and president of the Tenace Association, invented a bracelet / memo to prevent the recurrence of dramatic and fatal cases. Now the bracelet is part of the Schiaffo project and the Municipalities of Arluno and Corbetta give it to new parents in the welcome kit for the new born.

A device to not forget the child in the car, red, the color of emergencies, with a clear message on it "Child in the car”, To attach to the car seat belts.

It is terrible, and yet that of a baby's forgetfulness in the passenger compartment of a car is almost on the agenda. In the United States, a child dies every 7 days because it is forgotten in the car (Source), while in Europe it happens less frequently, but it is still an emergency.

Stress, technological distractions, hectic pace of work, lack of adequate sleep, the reasons are many, but parents who experience endless misfortune should not be stigmatized.

The Schiaffo Project

The Schiaffo project involves the use of a "snap" bracelet (Snap). It is analog (without batteries) and its external surface is in hypoallergenic and non-toxic silicone, which guarantees an excellent grip: it does not slip and does not slip off accidentally and exerts a slight pressure on the arm.

How it works

When not in use, Schiaffo is fastened to the seat belts, then, once in the car and the child is secured in the seat, Slap is placed on the arm as a “reminder".

"It is a decisive gesture, which helps you to focus on what you are actually doing".

Once you arrive at your destination and you turn off the car, you will take care to put Schiaffo back on the seat belts and you will remember to unfasten the baby.

What if you forget you are wearing the bracelet? “The bracelet will be a clear warning sign for passers-by, who will have an active role in alerting the parent of the problem,” explains De Iuliis.

In Arluno, the municipal administration is among the first to join the Schiaffo project. “If preventing blackouts is difficult, then it is necessary to reduce the risks associated with amnesia by equipping ourselves with functional devices to remember the presence of the child in the car. The Schiaffo project, conceived by one of our fellow citizens, seems to us well done and we really think it can work ”, says Mayor Moreno Agolli.

The Municipality will donate the bracelet to all couples expecting a child and the same will be done by the Corbetta Municipal Pharmacy, another small town in the Milan area.

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