Sistri: the definitive stop in the next development decree

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The Development decree will order the suspension of the Sistri, the waste traceability system

He is about to end up run over, his mother saves him

Sistri, goodbye. After so much trouble, the curtain falls on the system of traceability of waste which will be suspended in decree Development. This was announced by the Minister of Economic Development, Corrado Passera, yesterday during the Confartigianato assembly on the waste disposal control system.

Il Sistri, after numerous extensions, was to become operational from 1 July, in a few days. But, as we read in one note of Conftrasporto, Minister Passera would have said: “Guerrini (President of Confartigianato, editor's note) had told me: one thing on which we will measure you and the entrepreneurs will measure you, the Sistri. I am convinced that the Sistri should be suspended and this will happen through the next decree we are working on ”.

The Minister of the Environment Clini who commented on the general failure of the project: “For the Sistri, a general rethinking is better than an extension”. Clini had already proposed to the Council of Ministers the suspension of the Sistri with the aim of carrying out the required checks after the opinion of DigitaPa, the National Body for the Digitization of the Public Administration, which the Minister had asked for help to find out more about the functionality of the system.

Which has been done. On 16 May the organization sent to the Ministry its assessments raising a series of questions regarding the procedures followed by the Ministry for the assignment a SELEX-FINMECCANICA for the design and construction of the Sistri and regarding the costs and operation of the system. The Minister Clini it then transmitted the DigitaPa data to the State Attorney's Office and to the Command of the Ecological Operational Unit of the Carabinieri for the competent assessments and to the competent bodies of the Ministry.

However, the verifications started required a timing not compatible with the entry into operation of the Sistri on 1 ° July. For this reason, the Minister proposed to suspend the effects of the contract stipulated between the Ministry of the Environment and SELEX. Furthermore, Clini proposed the suspension of payment of contributions by companies for the year 2012: "The suspension period will be necessary to clarify all aspects relating to the Sistri and definitively decide if the system works, if it needs to be modified or replaced, by 30 June 2013 at the latest. Why in any case, it is necessary to have an efficient system for the traceability of waste " Clini said.

One thing is certain. After the Sistri, you will need to come up with a new tool for waste traceability. European directives require it.

Francesca Mancuso

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