Silvotherapy: embrace a tree to regain well-being

Silvotherapy, when hugging trees is good for the body and mind. We talked about silvotherapy among the eco-therapy practices useful for rediscovering well-being by rediscovering direct contact with nature.

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Silvoterapia, when hug the trees is good for the body and mind. We told you about the silvotherapy among the practices ofeco-therapy useful for rediscovering well-being by rediscovering direct contact with nature.

Hugging a tree to feel better is the basic advice of silvotherapy. Silvotherapy indicates both to hug the trees in a natural way to get closer to their trunk, and to sit next to them, placing the back right on the trunk and placing the right hand in the solar plexus area, while the left hand will go behind the back, in contact between our body and the tree, in correspondence with the ren areai.

With silvotherapy non means only the practice of hugging a tree, but also the stay in wooded places, which is proposed in particular to those suffering from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, arterial hypertension, nervousness and insomnia.

Maybe you didn't know that hugging trees has arefreshing action. A study in fact, published by American and Australian scientists has shown that koalas hug trees just to cool off. By hugging a log and leaning against its cold surface i koala they lose heat by conduction.

Silvotherapy is a real one therapeutic method of treatment and prevention of diseases through trees. She was recognized as a scientific method only in 1927, when it had been used for centuries. It is based on the ancient idea of ​​recovering health through trees. In the past, pneumonia patients were advised to spend a period in the woods or at least nearby. A practice that could also be useful to us, who in recent decades have moved further and further away from nature.

Silvotherapy is indicated both for healthy people, as a prevention of disease, and in sick people, as an aid and support in healing. Healthy people can practice silvotherapy actively, that is walking, running or playing sports in the woods. We can practice this type of silvotherapy every day, or when we are on vacation or at the weekend.

Breathe the air of the woods it is considered a truly beneficial remedy, as it activates blood circulation, increases the number of red blood cells, facilitates breathing in chronic lung patients, promotes sleep and helps to delay aging. The air of the woods is beneficial because it contains considerable quantities of negative oxygen ions, which help to stimulate and harmonize life processes and the psychic and emotional sphere.

Furthermore, spending time in contact with trees and nature is a source of vital energy. Some trees are considered to be able to provide positive energy. Between these are linden, pine, oak, chestnut, maple, ash, willow and maple. Everyone in silvotherapy can choose the tree that he feels most of himself, perhaps inspired by the meanings that the Celts have attributed to trees.

The meaning of trees according to the Celts

Birch: symbol of rebirth, purification, knowledge and purity.
Alder: symbol of spiritual protection and oracular power.
Willow: recalls the lunar and feminine aspects of life and poetic inspiration.
Ash: symbol of initiation and rebirth.
BIANCOSPINO: symbol of purity, inner journeys and intuition.
Quercia: symbol of power, energy and survival.
Core: invites meditation, encourages inner wisdom, intuition, divination power.
Melo: Helps you when you have to make an important decision.
Wild plum: useful in case of strong actions, of external influences to which it is necessary to obey.
Elder: symbol of life and regeneration.

In ancient times, silvotherapy was linked to the forces and energies that man could seek and find in the woods. In the past, nature was the real and only medicine. Over time, science has confirmed the benefits of time spent in contact with nature and trees.

Each of us has experienced on ourselves how beneficial a walk in a forest or park can be. And then, when we can, let's not forget to walk in the green, even better in a wood, and to hug our favorite tree to feel all the energy it can transmit to us.

Do you want to experience silvotherapy? Hug a tree or take a walk in the woods maybe for the next one Tree Day 2014, which will take place on November 21st. Legambiente invites everyone to hug a tree, the be photographed and post a photo on social networks. Take part in the #abbraccialo initiative with your photos dedicated to trees, love for nature and forest therapy.

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