Shingles: what it is, causes and remedies to give relief

It is commonly known as shingles, but what is it? What is it about? What are the causes? Are there any natural remedies to give some relief?

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It is commonly known as fire of saint Anthony, but what is it? What is it about? What are the causes? Exist natural remedies able to give some relief to what presents itself as a really annoying outlet?

The shingles, whose scientific name is Herpes zoster, is an acute skin disease that corresponds to a nerve infection. Precisely because it hits a nerve, this problem manifests itself so painfully.

Shingles or shingles in the past was also called 'flames of Satan', to emphasize how painful and annoying it was for those who were suffering from it. The most common name for this disease is still shingles and the reason is very simple: in the past Sant'Antonio Abate was invoked to intervene for healing. According to the legend, Sant'Antonio Abate, besides being patron of animals domestic, is linked to fire thanks to which with a miracle he would have put the invaders to flight and thus saved the inhabitants of a city.


Symptoms of shingles

THErash real is usually preceded by a few days of fever and malaise. Then a redness appears on the skin similar to urticaria which then worsens with the appearance of the typical vesicles of shingles, filled with serum. Meanwhile the fever continues. Gradually the vesicles fill with blood until they turn into scabs before disappearing. Shingles usually appear on the chest or flank but can also appear on the face and other areas of the body.

Causes of shingles

Shingles or herpes zoster is caused by the childhood chickenpox virus (varicella-zoster virus). It should not be confused withHerpes simplex, the virus that causescold sores. Both viruses, herpes zoster and herpes simplex, however, belong to the same family.

Shingles is a disease known since ancient times. In the past, however, its correlation with chickenpox was not known.

Shingles is a reactivation of latent chickenpox virus infection, e this means than the zoster it can only occur in individuals who have already had chickenpox. The immune system is able to eliminate the virus in most places in the body, but it remains latent in the ganglion adjacent to the spinal cord (dorsal ganglion) or in Gasser's ganglion in the base of the skull.

Shingles can affect people of any age and it is very contagious until scabs have formed. Our immune system it is normally able to prevent and suppress herpes zoster infection, but sometimes it occurs anyway, for reasons not yet fully understood. Could the shingles therefore be linked to a weakening of the immune system?

Natural remedies to relieve shingles

Generally the shingles resolves within two weeks (must run its own course) but complications can arise, such as trigeminal nerve involvement and the appearance of secondary infections. Your doctor will be able to advise you on how to best intervene in case of herpes zoster and thanks to your trusted herbalist and pharmacist you can learn more about the possibility of using some natural remedies to relieve discomfort dell’herpes zoster.

Naiuoli essential oil

The French pharmacist expert in natural remedies Daniele Festy in the book "My Bible of essential oils" suggests using the essential oil of naiuoli in case of shingles: apply 2 drops of essential oil of naiuoli directly on the painful area, repeat 4-6 times a day.

Blend of essential oils

Daniele Festy herself suggests the preparation of a mixture consisting of: 10 drops of St. John's wort vegetable oil, 2 drops of lavender spica essential oil, 2 drops of peppermint essential oil, 2 drops of ravintsara essential oil and 4 drops of naiuoli essential oil. He suggests applying the mixture locally on the affected nerve tract 6 times a day until improvement. You could suggest to your pharmacist to prepare this mixture for you and to advise you further details for its use.


Anyone who knows acupuncture also knows how effective it can be for relieve pain. THE'acupuncture it can also be applied in case of herpes zoster. The expert acupuncturist will know on which points to intervene. Acupuncture can mitigate pain and possibly accompany the intake of drugs, always on the advice and prescription of the doctor. THU more information.

Black Ribes

Some scientific studies have evaluated or are investigating the effectiveness of the glycerine macerate of Ribes Nigrum in the case of the shingles. Ribes Nigrum glycerine macerate is usually used to relieve symptoms of allergies, inflammation and infections. For shingles, it could also help provide relief. THU more information.

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Conventional therapy of shingles or shingles makes use of antiviral drugs which are prescribed in the acute phase. Among the complementary therapies applicable in case of shingles we find i homeopathic remedies, given that "homeopathy assists the treatment of herpes zoster with remedies for the management of stress and for the prevention of relapses". The homeopathic remedies to be administered may vary depending on the patient's health condition. More information on the website of doctor Fabio Farello.

We recommend that you avoid DIY in the case of shingles as this is a very sensitive issue. Always talk to your doctor, pharmacist, and herbalist before you start taking or applying any medications or natural remedies in order to preserve your health.

Have you ever resorted to natural remedies for shingles? Tell us your experience.

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