Shards of glass in the salad: the call for these two products is triggered

Glass fragments found in the cappuccia and canasta salad. Here are the products recalled by the Ministry of Health

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Presence alarm of shards of glass in the salad sold to wholesalers and supermarkets. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has ordered the withdrawal of a batch of cappuccia and canasta salad sold in supermarkets. 

The reason is the presence of foreign bodies (glass) found by a customer inside the canasta salad product. - the recall notice reads - We proceed as a precaution also with the recall of the same batch for the cappuccia salad product, albeit not reported, given the proximity of cultivation.

The salad in question was produced by Biocolombini Srl Soc. Agric. in the factory in via Le Prata snc, in Crespina, in the province of Pisa.

Here is the complete product sheet: 

@Ministry of Health

As a precaution, it is recommended not to consume the products covered by the recall and to return them.

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Source: Ministry of Health

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