Sex, the best antihistamine according to an Iranian study

Sex could be a good natural way to beat the symptoms of spring allergies!

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The annoying spring allergyand could find a solution between the sheets! That's right: sex is one of the best natural antihistamines on the market, dear gentlemen, and doing it regularly with your partner would free up all the airways once and for all.

This was revealed by an Iranian study conducted by neurologist Sina Zarrintan of Tabriz Medical University, according to which working out as a couple can help relieve the symptoms of an allergy. Because? The respiratory system and genital organs would both be connected to the sympathetic nervous system and sex would lead to a narrowing of the capillaries throughout the body, thus alleviating the symptoms of the allergy.

To cope, therefore, with the pollen tsunamis that turn life into a nightmare, including conjunctivitis, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching of all kinds, instead of the usual antihistamines - most of which are only harmful - try regular sex sessions, which have the effect of relaxing the blood vessels located both in the nose and eyes, favoring the unblocking of the nasal tamponade.

Of course, you won't need to flirt every day and at all hours to benefit from the anti-allergic effects of making love. As Zarrintan explains, sex "can be practiced from time to time to relieve congestion and the patient can adjust the number of sexual relations according to the severity of the symptoms."

And not only that, as for the hay fever, it seems that it is mainly linked toejaculation, which is why men are more likely to get more benefits than women. In short, all valid solutions, even if, as the scholars themselves say, not always applicable, for example if you are away from home or if you have no sexual partner.

These results have not yet been tested in clinical trials. In any case, making love with your partner has never hurt, so try it for yourself!

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