Selfish people: 10 tips to deal with them

Dealing with a selfish person every day can be really difficult. The situation becomes complicated when the selfish person is part of the family.

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Dealing with a selfish person every day can be really difficult. The situation becomes complicated when theselfish it is part of the family or one's place of work.

Unfortunately, the selfish people they tend to think only of themselves, do not take into account the needs of others and are convinced that everything they do or say is always right.

In short, selfish people think that the world revolves around them and that others do not exist, if not to take advantage of their generosity.

Selfish people hardly admit their mistakes and go so far as to sincerely apologize.


Fortunately, there are some stratagems that help us when dealing with selfish people.


Be responsible for your life

Take yourself full responsibility for your life and don't leave even a fragment of it in the hands of an egoist who could start managing it at will. Selfish people don't know respect for others but you need to be treated with the respect you deserve.

Become independent

Try to never depend on a selfish person neither in the family nor at work. Fight for your independence, otherwise the selfish may mistake you for puppets to manipulate at will.


Praise but do not flatter

When a selfish person does his job well praise him but do not flatter him. It is right to acknowledge the merits of others, even when they are selfish but always make sure that your compliments do not become flattery that make you submissive.

Selfish people: 10 tips to deal with them

Encourage positive behaviors

Zero tolerance for negative behaviors but encouragement for good deeds that sometimes even the selfish are able to accomplish. Feeling right from time to time could lead them to a 'conversion'.


Don't ask for an apology

Don't expect a selfish person to apologize and don't expect an apology from him because they could be bogus, especially if immediate. Unfortunately, selfish people struggle to recognize their mistakes and if this does not happen, apologizing is useless for everyone.

Don't tolerate negative behavior

Under no circumstances should you tolerate the bad behavior of others. For example, some selfish people are very good at making other people feel worthless, even when it comes to their partner. Better end a relationship or friendship instead of continuing to put up with an egoist.

Selfish people: 10 tips to deal with them

Express your views

Dealing with a selfish person doesn't mean always having to keep quiet and keep your opinions hidden. Express them with patience and decision and learn to assert yourself. The weaker you show them, the more the selfish will take advantage of you.

Always keep calm

Even in front of a selfish person always keep calm and professionalism especially if you are in a work environment. You will show yourself as a respectful and competent person, you will preserve your peace of mind and you will be able to complete all your tasks.

Set emotion aside

When faced with a selfish person try to don't be too emotional or to be guided by anger. Only if you are calm, in fact, will you be able to keep the situation under control during an argument and turn it in your favor.

Selfish people: 10 tips to deal with them

Avoid selfish people whenever possible

When possible try to avoid selfish people. If you deal with them every day, put the above tips into practice. Now that you have learned to recognize selfish people, if you fear that they may take advantage of you try to stay away from them.

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