Scientists have succeeded in reversing aging and rejuvenating tissues

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A new study has found how it can slow the aging process and hinder the onset of some diseases related to old age.

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The prospect of medical therapies that "rewind" the clock on the aging process has made numerous strides; in fact, a new one study, unfortunately still played on animals, he treated with a form of gene therapy older cells, making them younger according to biological markers used to measure the effects of aging.

Repeating the trick in humans is far from simple, but the results fuel interest in new ones radical therapies that aim to slow or reverse the aging process as a means of addressing age-related diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's. (Read also: Longevity: genetic variant that delays aging has been discovered)

A systematic review

The scientists drew on the previous work of Japanese Nobel laureate Prof Shinya Yamanaka, who showed that a mixture of four molecules, known as fattori Yamanaka, can rewind adult cells into juvenile stem cells which are capable of forming almost any tissue in the body.

The research team found that those who received Yamanaka factors for several months had rejuvenated skin and kidneys. The experiments showed that rejuvenation was most effective when the therapy was administered over a long period, from seven to 10 months, starting at an age between 12 and 15 months, equivalent to the age of 35-50 years in the man.

Researchers are wary of using Yamanaka factors, because previous work has shown that completely reprogrammed cells can turn into lumps of cancerous tissue called teratomas.

The latest study shows that partial reprogramming may be capable of rejuvenate the tissues without these risks, but further obstacles remain. Rather than using Yamanaka factors to rejuvenate humans, many scientists suspect that new drugs will be needed to partially reprogram cells safely and effectively.

The first applications will likely be in fabrics that are easily accessible and can be modified outside the body, such as blood stem cells but further studies and analyzes are needed.

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