Sciatica: symptoms, treatment and natural remedies (also in pregnancy)

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Sciatica, or sciatica, is a sensation of intense pain in the leg caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, a nerve that originates from the sacral plexus, the most voluminous in this area of ​​our body.

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La sciaticathe sciatica, is a sensation of intense pain in the leg and lower back caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, a nerve originating from the sacral plexus. It is the largest nerve in this area of ​​our body. It occurs very often in pregnancy due to the compression exerted by the uterus on this very nerve.

Pain usually occurs in the lower back and affects one of the legs. At the level of the legs pain may be present both in the back of the thigh and towards the shin and can extend upward to the hip or downward to the foot.


Causes of Sciatica

The onset of sciatica is usually due to the compression of a spinal nerve root lumbar or compression of the actual sciatic nerve. A spinal hernia may be present, which appears when an intervertebral disc protrudes from its seat in the spine and compresses a nerve root. In the 15% of cases the cause of sciatica isslipped disc, which presses on the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica in pregnancy

Sciatica can occur during the pregnancy, especially when it is at an advanced stage. During pregnancy, sciatica can appear due to the compression exerted by the uterus on the sciatic nerve. Also sciatica in pregnancy can be caused by muscle tension and vertebral understanding due to the extra weight the body has to bear. The simple posture of late pregnancy can cause sciatica.

Symptoms of Sciatica

Symptoms of sciatica mainly concern the appearance of pain in the lower back e to one of the two legs, towards the thigh and hip or towards the calf, as appropriate. Other symptoms of sciatica include numbness and difficulty moving a leg. Pain related to sciatica usually affects only one side of the body.

Natural cures and remedies

La common therapy for sciatica it includes taking medications: pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, such as NSAIDs or oral steroids. The administration of cortisone drugs can take place locally via epidural.

Physiotherapy and massage

Are there alternative methods to intervene in case of sciatica in addition to common drugs? You can intervene, for example, with physiotherapy exercises which gradually may include stretching, strengthening and improving cardio-vascular conditions. If the muscular contractions compress the nerve and all the factors cause pain, it is possible to intervene with the massage as a means of relaxing contracted muscles.

Pay attention to posture

It is necessary to do pay attention to posture both in everyday life and when you are in the office and during the night. It would be good to check chairs, pillows and mattresses in order to adapt them to positions to be taken comfortably so as not to aggravate the situation and pain.

Hot salt

Hot salt is a natural remedy simple to prepare and inexpensive, used to relieve various ailments and in particular painful symptoms that can be related to back pain or other problems. The hot salt is used to make a compress to be applied to the area where the pain is felt. THU all the instructions to learn how to prepare and use hot salt.

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Devil's claw

The devil's claw is considered an effective remedy like painkiller in case of situations of inflammation affecting the muscles, the back and the sciatic nerve. The external use of the devil's claw takes place through the application of ointments and gels based on this ingredient. The internal use of the devil's claw is based on mother tincture, capsules or tablets.

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THEarnica (Arnica montana) is a medicinal herb used for the preparation of alcohol-based tinctures and ointments that can be used for the treatment of bruises, muscle and joint pain and inflammation. The application of an arnica-based ointment for external use can also be indicated in case of sciatica.

Ginger oil

Among the natural remedies indicated in case of sciatica we find theginger oil o ginger oil. It is believed that massages with a healing oil prepared with the root of ginger may be useful for reducing pain and inflammation. In fact, ginger is considered a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. THU the instructions for making ginger oil.

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Essential oils

The French pharmacist Danièle Festy, in "My Bible of essential oils" advises thewintergreen essential oil (Gaultheria fragrantissima leaf oil) as a natural remedy for sciatica. This essential oil should be massaged for a long time and without pressing on the lower back in the amount of 3 drops to relieve pain.


In this video you will find a sequence of Yoga exercises suitable for fighting pain caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve and useful tips for practicing Yoga when you have back pain. However, the exercises in this video are not suitable for hernias. Watch the video with all the instructions.

For all the natural remedies indicated in case of sciatica you can request and receive more information by consulting your doctor and your trusted herbalist. For treatments involving massages and physiotherapy, contact qualified experts who can intervene appropriately for your problem. Some remedies, although natural, may be contraindicated in pregnancy: also in this case, ask for confirmation from an expert.

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