Salute to the organs: the very simple yoga practice to do every day to take care of yourself

    Salute to the organs: the very simple yoga practice to do every day to take care of yourself

    According to traditional Chinese medicine, every organ in our body handles an emotion to which it is connected. So, when the organ is healthy, the handling of relative emotion is also healthy. Furthermore, the use of the voice and therefore of sounds helps us to clean the organs of negative emotions that block them.

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    To improve our organs every day there is a technique that is commonly called the salute to the organs, a moment of care and attention that is dedicated to our body. This very simple practice can be done every day, but also taught to children and teenagers to start taking care of themselves and start improving the awareness that it is good to develop already at such a young age.

    You sit comfortably in siddhasana, or in a stable and relaxed position that allows you to keep the spine stretched.

    1. We start with The liver, placing the hands on the right side of the abdomen and thus bringing the thought and the hands to this point. With closed eyes, three deep breaths are taken and with each exhalation the letter sssshhhhh is recited, visualizing our body surrounded by yellow color. The yellow and the liver are elements that refer to the feeling of anger, which in this way we leave the body, letting it go to the Mother Earth who welcomes everything. After the three breaths we rub our hands to unload the residual anger on our hands.
    2. Then we move on to pancreas, left side of our abdomen and in the same way we place our hands there. Exhaling three times we recite the letter eeeeee, visualizing our body surrounded by orange color. We bring our mind to a sweet thought and we go to fill that lack of sweetness that is sometimes in our lives.
    3. Let's move on to the lombi: hands behind the back, in the same way we recite the letter uuuuuu and visualize the Light blue. We let the fear that paralyzes us out of our body.
    4. To work on the courage, we move with our hands on the floating ribs, which protect ours lungs. Let's surround ourselves with White light and when we exhale we recite the letter sssssss, we let the courage to carry out actions enter into us.
    5. We bring our hands close to heart, this time we visualize our body surrounded by one green light and we recite the letter aaaaaa, let the fear of not being loved go away from us.
    6. Hands on gola and we recite the letter ooooo, the body is surrounded of blue and forgive us of having said those words that we would not have wanted.
    7. Finally, let's get our hands on it the head, in correspondence with the fontanel which represents the pineal gland, the center of spirituality. We exhale while reciting the letter iiiiiii and let all the colors of the rainbow enter us, through the fountain, letting out what instead, it is not bright inside us.

    Then, let's go back with our hands on all the organs we have touched and let's thank them, we are grateful to our body, a precious temple of our spirit. Namaste.

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