Salads in a jar: 10 recipes to prepare them at home

Salads in a jar, how to prepare them at home. Canned salads are popular in the US. They are an original idea to imitate when taking lunch with you to school or work. The use of glass jars, in fact, allows you to avoid the classic plastic containers. Homemade canned salads are a healthy and affordable alternative to the usual sandwich and take-away.

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Le salads in a jar (salads in a jar) are very popular in the USA. They are an original idea to imitate for take lunch with you at school or at work. The use of glass jarsin fact, it allows you to avoid the classic plastic containers. The homemade salads in a jar they are a healthy and economical alternative to the usual sandwich and take-away.

Of course, you can vary the ingredients of your salads in a jar depending on the season. In this way you will get a very colorful and always different result, which will not bore you and which will allow you to enjoy different flavors every day. Salads in a jar are also perfect for outings and picnic.

Il seasoning as a base for salads, it is prepared by pouring on the bottom of the jar 2 or 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and, if desired, 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Then add the chosen ingredients layer by layer, close the jar and turn it upside down to distribute the sauce.The suggestion is to place the heavier ingredients in the first layers, towards the bottom of the jar. Here are a few recipes of salads in a jar to inspire you.

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Quinoa salad

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To compose this salad in a jar, boil the ceci and Quinoa and let it cool. Form a first layer of chickpeas, a second layer with cucumbers or courgettes. Finish with a few slices of pepper and quinoa. For a winter variant you can use, for example, slices of fennel and chopped cauliflower.

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Spelled and beans salad in a jar

If you love i vegetable, you can turn them into the protagonists of your spelled and bean salad in a jar. To assemble them you will have to remember to add the seasoning to the bottom of the jar, then the ingredients by layering them together, then screw with the capsule and turn over to season everything. Here the complete recipe.

Tricolor pasta salad

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It will be very easy to make an excellent one pasta salad flag to take with you for lunch away from home. In this case, fusilli were used. As for the greenery, choose rocket leaves, spinach, songino or cut lettuce. For red, green light for peppers or tomatoes. While for the white you can opt for cubes of tofu, or cheese, such as feta or mozzarella. Drain the pasta al dente and let it cool before transferring it to the jar with the other ingredients.

Rice salad in a jar with lupins

You can prepare a tasty and colorful rice salad in a jar with lupins. Sweet peppers, Tropea onions, basil, rice and lupins make up the layers of this colorful salad, which, as always, must be placed in airtight glass jars.

As with all salads in a jar, it must be stratified starting from the oil and the heaviest ingredients and, before consuming it, it must then be turned upside down to season it properly. Here the complete recipe.

Greek salad

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Prepare yours Greek salad in a jar by combining black olives (Kalamata olives are used in Greece), cherry tomatoes, slices of cucumber, slices of yellow peppers, diced tofu or feta. Distribute the ingredients layer by layer and season with extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, unrefined sea salt and a pinch of pepper. Here are 10 ideas to take inspiration from.

Spelled salad

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If you love the farro, you can use it for your salads in a jar after boiling, draining and letting it cool. Combine the spelled with layers of vegetables, choosing as much as possible according to the season. You can use, for example, carrots, red onions, peppers and celery, all cut into cubes, in raw or cooked version.

Chickpeas Salad

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I ceci they are among the healthiest legumes in the world. You can use them for your salad in a jar and combine them with slices or cubes of cucumber, walnuts, pistachios, cherry tomatoes or peppers and capers. For the dressing of your chickpea salad, use extra virgin olive oil and natural yogurt, or soy yogurt.

Cucumber and avocado salad

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Also smaller glass jars they are suitable for containing your salads. In this case you will not have a single dish, but a side dish to combine with other dishes. In a glass jar you can prepare a cucumber and avocado salad to be dressed with fresh chopped ginger, thyme and basil. You can enrich it with dried chillies or tomatoes and chopped celery stalks.

Multicolored salad

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Here is a very rich salad in a jar, very colorful and original, thanks to the presence of edible flowers, which you will use to decorate the top of the jar. To prepare it, you can combine spinach and rocket leaves, diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and pistachios, corn kernels and, to obtain a sweet and sour taste, raisins or dried apricots.

Mexican salad

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This Mexican salad takes the ingredients of the tacos and combines lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, black beans, spicy sauce and cheese. For a vegan version you can replace the cheese with tofu. At the bottom of the jar pour a little spicy sauce and on top you can arrange a few pieces of bread, or croutons. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and, if you like, enrich with onions.

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