Sagging eyelids: natural remedies and facial gymnastics exercises (VIDEO)

Sagging eyelids are not only a sign of aging but also a phenomenon that can make vision difficult. Drooping eyelids are usually caused by the loss of firmness of the muscle groups above the eyes.

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Le drooping eyelids they are not only a sign of aging but also a phenomenon that can make vision difficult. Drooping eyelids are usually caused by the loss of firmness of the muscle groups above the eyes.

Precisely because the main cause of drooping eyelids is the loss of muscle tone, it can be very useful to use some facial gymnastics exercises to combine with natural remedies that can tone the eye area.

In some cases droopy eyelids can be associated with others eye problems, such as styes, or to infections and inflammations. In these situations it is very important to consult your doctor before applying any type of remedy since, as you know, the eyes are very delicate.


Natural remedies for droopy eyelids

Keeping the muscle bands around the eyes in training is a great exercise to reduce droopy eyelids. We can also resort to some natural remedies that come to our aid, starting with the classic eye packs.

Cold water

Rinsing the face and eye area with cold water is useful for keeping the skin supple and for muscle tone. For this use thecold water, or in any case fresh, to rinse the eye area is considered a great little help in case of droopy eyelids. So take advantage of this well-known grandmother's remedy.


Il cucumber it helps the skin to stay healthy but also to tone it and is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and vitamins that help fight free radicals. So you can include cucumbers in your diet and use them in face masks since help to keep the skin hydrated and to reduce any swelling.

Green tea

Il green tea is a drink rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect the skin from damage caused by aging and excessive sun exposure. In addition to drinking green tea, you can use it, once cold, to make compresses around the eyes.

Chamomile compresses

- chamomile compresses they are always beneficial for the eyes, especially if droopy eyelids are accompanied by redness and inflammation. Let your chamomile tea cool and prepare a compress with a handkerchief to apply to closed eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Ice cubes

Quickly pass a ice cube in the eye contour area it helps to tone it up and is also beneficial in the case of droopy eyelids. The cooling effect also helps reduce any swelling and inflammation.

Facial gymnastics exercises

La facial gymnastics is a special gymnastics dedicated to the face. It is practiced by performing a series of exercises considered very useful for reduce wrinkles and promises a lifting naturale and cheap. It is a real anti-aging remedy at no cost. Facial gymnastics consists of gentle movements and has no side effects.

To have a smoother forehead and more toned eyelids try this gymnastics exercise for the face really very simple, which we advise you to practice in front of a mirror.

- Wrinkle your forehead, frowning, as if you were imitating a "pouting" face.
- Count to 10.
- Relax your face
- Raise your eyebrows opening your eyes wide.
- Repeat the whole cycle 10 times

Facial gymnastics is important because gives elasticity to the skin of the face and tones the muscles. Choose facial gymnastics exercises that work the area around the eyes and the frontal muscle more to alleviate the problem of droopy eyelids.

Facial gymnastics for the eye area

A useful exercise, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the PC or reading, is that of selfrepeatedly blink counting slowly to twenty. The next step is to keep your eyes closed for another twenty seconds. Finish the exercise keeping your eyes wide open as much as possible (at least twenty seconds). THU other useful information for practicing facial gymnastics.

Facial gymnastics for the frontal muscle

The following video by Paola Rivalta will show you how to practice facial gymnastics for the frontal muscle. The frontal muscle allows the eyebrows to be raised or lowered. The lack of tone and elasticity of the frontal muscle it causes the eyebrows to become heavy and the eyelids to fall out. The video explains how to position your fingers to create a downward thrust, while you try to contract the frontal muscle and push it upward.

Facial gymnastics for the periocular muscle

Here is another video with a useful exercise to tone the eye area, for prevent drooping eyelids and to counteract the formation of bags and dark circles. Exercise works on the muscles of the eye. Look at the video to perform it correctly.

You know other exercises and natural remedies to reduce the problem of droopy eyelids?

Marta Albè

Fonte photo: Fitnespoint

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