Sadness and August fatigue: here's how to relieve the August Blues

Anxiety, tensions, melancholy and a lot of tiredness: August and the so-called "August Blues".

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Something very similar to "sunday blues"Or the saddest day of the year fills the last days ofAugust most: anxiety, tensions, melancholy and even a lot of tiredness. If you are not very sensitive at the end of the summer you can catch what Stephen Ferrando, director of psychiatry at Westchester Medical Center, defines "august blues".

Things? Something that looks a lot like the sadness of Sunday evening, the one that grips us at the end of a weekend and before a new neurotic on Monday, with the substantial difference, however, that the malaise could also last for the whole month.

An authentic one melancholy able to affect everyone and at any age: both summer lovers and those who can't wait for it to end feel, according to the psychiatrist, tense and anxious, and perhaps even dissatisfied for not being able to do enough during season. Perceptions that are reminiscent of Sunday sadness and that, only in some cases, can lead to a true form of depression known as "USA"(Seasonal affective disorder), a seasonal affective disorder, a mood disorder that affects some people with change of season.

To support this thesis is also Rachel Annunziato, professor of psychology at Fordham University, according to which adults and children would experience very similar sensations. For everyone, August is a month full of excitement, expectations for the new year, fear and tension towards wanting to do well.

How then to alleviate these unpleasant sensations and enjoy the last glimpses of the summer? What we should focus on doing is continuing to enjoy the positives of summer and:

1) Take advantage of the free time to go to the beach: clean sea and crystal clear water and, if possible, a relaxing swim at sunset. As soon as you can, dive into the sea and forget the discomforts of a hot season. Furthermore, sea water baths are a real panacea for the body and in particular for the respiratory system, sea water is also a disinfectant and is rich in mineral salts that the skin absorbs through the pores.

2) Sunbathe: with the necessary precautions and at the right times, sunbathing is also good for the mood. The sun adds happiness to our days and makes us more available to others.

3) See friends: cultivate friendships, share projects, organize outdoor trips together and carefree evenings.

4) Doing outdoor activities: the must for those who want to drive away anxieties and sadness, even a light daily workout will allow our body to release serotonin and satisfy us completely.

5) Postpone work anxieties to September: what is the use, now, of mulling over what to do once the holidays are over? Close your pc and get back in peace with the world, nothing will stop if you breathe a moment.

Germana Carillo

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