Rosemary Flowers: You may not know but they are edible! All the uses you don't expect

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Did you know that rosemary flowers are edible? Let's find out together what are all their uses and benefits.

I rosemary flowers are they edible? The answer is absolutely yes. They are a delicious ingredient that you can add to tea or salads, but they also have numerous beneficial properties. Let's find out together what are all their uses.

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Benefits of rosemary flowers

What parts of the rosemary plant are edible? We already know that rosemary leaves are edible, but now you know that you can also start using its flowers in the kitchen. Before you eat them, though, you need to make sure you remove the pedicle, that is the “green cup” found at the base of the flower. You may also notice that rosemary flowers have a much more intense flavor than the leaves, sometimes even tending to sweet. To make sure you use them at their best in your recipes, you'd better taste them before adding them to your dishes, so you can be sure that their particular flavor goes perfectly with what you are preparing. But beware of do not eat the stems of rosemary, as they are quite difficult to chew due to their woody texture.

As we had already mentioned, rosemary has various beneficial properties for our health, which of course are also transmitted to its flowers. For one thing, rosemary has properties antiseptics, antimicrobials, inflammatory e antioxidants. Flowers can also help you:

  • improve digestion;
  • improve intestinal health;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • relieve headache;
  • relieve muscle and joint pain;
  • help fight dandruff.

It has even been shown in some academic studies that rosemary can help you with improve concentration. However, care should be taken, as ingesting large amounts of rosemary can also pose some health risks, such as stomach pain, vomiting or intestinal irritation.

Rosemary flowers can be used in cooking in various ways, you can put them in tea or use them as a condiment, but there are also more creative and unexpected uses, let's see some of them.

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Use the flowers as a dressing

One thing you absolutely need to know about rosemary flowers is that they do not resist heat, then use them as a final topping. Rosemary flowers beautifully season grilled meat, but you can also use them with beans or accompany them with other herbs and flavors such as garlic, onion, lavender and thyme.

Use the flowers with potpourri

When you make the potpourri, you can add the rosemary flowers, so you will get a better fragrance and also a nice color. You will have a composition that will beautify and perfume your home in a natural way.

Use the flowers together with bouquets

There is not even a need to say it, but rosemary flowers (being flowers, in fact) can give that extra touch of class to your bouquets. Rosemary flowers are long lasting and go well with most flower arrangements.

Use the flowers together with the butter

Surely one of the most original uses, you can blend rosemary flowers together with Grana Padano cheese and salt and you will get a delicious butter that can be spread on toast and sandwiches.

Use the flowers with flavored water

Water flavored with herbs and fruit is not only thirst-quenching but also very healthy. Add a sprig or two of rosemary with flowers and enjoy your drink at any time of day.

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