Rosehip: properties, benefits and uses as a natural remedy

Rosehip berries: beneficial properties and uses as a natural remedy Rosehip berries are false red fruits that grow on a bushy shrub. The rosehip berries are harvested in autumn and winter.

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La Rosehip is a powerful natural remedy. The rosehip berries they are false red fruits that grow on a bushy shrub. The rosehip berries are harvested in autumn and winter.

The assumption of natural remedies based on rosehip berries, it is recommended in autumn to prevent typical winter ailments and in winter for curative purposes.

It is interesting to know that rosehip berries are used both as a natural remedy and in cooking, for example for preparation of herbal teas and jams or liqueurs.


Rosehip, properties and benefits

Rosehip berries are a source of Vitamin C, which helps to strengthen our immune system and improve its functioning but which is also beneficial for the skin. To benefit from the vitamin C content of this food, it is good to opt for fresh rosehip berries.

For herbal use and to prepare herbal teas usually rosehip berries they are dried and chopped. Rosehip berries also contain B vitamins, with particular reference to vitamin B2 and vitamin B1, as well as vitamin K and vitamin P.

Their applications mainly concern the treatment of joint pain and the prevention of coughs and colds. Rosehip berries also feature anti-inflammatory properties which make them useful for keeping our body in balance and health.

Let's summarize properties and benefits of rose hips.

  • Source of Vitamin C
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It is beneficial for the skin
  • Source of B vitamins
  • Relieve joint pain
  • Prevent cough, cold and flu
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Beneficial for the urinary tract
  • Beneficial for the respiratory tract
  • Prevent and relieve sore throats
  • Purifying properties
  • Immunomodulating properties


Rosehip, uses

The uses of rosehip berries concern both fresh berries and dried berries. Preparing a rosehip berry tea and taking it regularly can be useful already at the first symptoms of cold, flu, cough or sore throat to try to prevent your health from worsening.

Se collect the fresh rosehip berries, pay attention to the correct way to consume them. Open each berry by dividing it into two parts and remove the seeds and fluff present, as they can be irritating. Rinse the rosehip berries well under running water. At this point you can eat the fruits as they are or use them immediately to prepare a fresh fruit salad or a smoothie.

Rosehip berries are also suitable for preparation of extracts and centrifugates. For example, to fill up on vitamins, you can combine a handful of fresh rosehip berries with an apple and a carrot to obtain a drink rich in vitamins.

It is a very ancient natural remedy used since the Middle Ages and later rediscovered by Western herbal medicine. Rosehip berries are also recommended for theirs diuretic action and to alleviate the gastrointestinal inflammation.

Let's summarize the uses of rose hips.

  • Prepare herbal teas, infusions and decoctions
  • Marmellate fatte in casa alla canina rose
  • Prepare extracts and centrifugates
  • Prepare natural diuretic remedies
  • Prepare natural remedies for gastrointestinal inflammations
  • Fresh fruit salads
  • Homemade smoothies
  • Rosehip jellies and compotes
  • Rosehip syrup


Rosehip: properties, benefits and uses as a natural remedy

Rosehip herbal tea

Prepare a herbal tea with rosehip berries it's very simple. We can dry fresh rosehip berries or buy them already dried in a herbalist's shop. If the dried rosehip berries are whole, chop them up before preparing the herbal tea.

  • 250 ml of water
  • 2 teaspoons of dried rosehip berries

In a saucepan we heat 250 milliliters of water and bring it to a boil. We wait for the water temperature to drop slightly and pour it into a cup along with 2 teaspoons of dried rosehip berries and shred. We leave the rosehip berries to infuse for 5-10 minutes. Then we filter and drink our herbal tea. The recommended doses are usually 1 or 2 cups a day but your herbalist will be able to give you more information on the basis of the problem to be addressed.

Rosehip: properties, benefits and uses as a natural remedy

Rosehip jam

  • 500 gr of fresh rosehip berries
  • 250 gr of whole cane sugar

If you have the opportunity to harvest rosehip berries in abundance, try making a jam. There rosehip berry jam according to the most popular recipes, it requires the use of white sugar during preparation, but you can try replacing it with whole cane sugar. Plan to use 250 grams of whole cane sugar for 500 grams of fresh rosehip berries. You can flavor your jam with a teaspoon of organic vanilla bean powder. THU a recipe from which to take inspiration.

Rosehip: properties, benefits and uses as a natural remedy

Rosehip, where to find berries

When we don't have fresh rosehip berries available, we can buy dried ones in herbal medicine. Those who have a dryer available can try drying fresh rosehip berries to have them at hand during the rest of the year. We can pick berries in rural areas away from traffic.

Rosehip, contraindications

there contraindications to taking rosehip berries? Everyone should be careful not to exceed the recommended doses when taking rosehip berry supplements to avoid overdosing.

  • Do not exceed the doses recommended by your doctor and herbalist
  • Avoid overdose
  • Rosehip allergy
  • Hypersensitivity to rose hips
  • Precautions in pregnancy and breastfeeding

People who know they are allergic or hypersensitive to rose hips should not take this natural remedy. In pregnancy and breastfeeding better ask your doctor for more information before taking any remedy, including rosehip berries, supplements, tinctures and herbal teas based on this ingredient. For more information on the benefits and contraindications of rosehip berries, always consult your trusted herbalist.

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