Rice salad? Green very good!

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Tired of the classic rice salad with unlikely single-flavor pickles and strange tuna mush advertised as yellow fin quality? Here's what's right for you: the green salad!

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Green rice salad. Tired of the classic rice salad with unlikely single-flavored pickles and strange tuna mush advertised as yellow fin quality? Here's what's right for you:insalata green!

This time we have decided to offer you a typically summer recipe, also ideal for the most demanding vegans and all green, as in our style. It is a dish that you can serve during a nice picnic on the beach or by the lake, on the occasion of a outing or a break after one walk in the mountains. In short, a dish that is suitable for holidays or sunny weekends spent in a group.

To make it happen vi just over an hour will suffice and some seasonal ingredients, better if organic of course! The preparation is pretty simple though a little more elaborate than the recipes we have talked about so far. However, we assure you that it does not require great stunts in the kitchen, nor the certificate of the perfect housewives club. But let's get down to business ...

For six people we use:
- 500 grams of rice
- 4 large courgettes
- 2 green peppers
- a nice bunch of rocket (possibly the wild one that has a more pronounced bitter taste)
- 20 basil leaves
- 2 green apples
- 1 bottle of organic beer (for example the ekò, low fermentation)
- a small bowl of brown sugar (you can also use stevia which goes perfectly) and one of flour
- 200 grams of pistachios

Fill a large pot with plenty of salted water, put it on the stove and when it boils throw down the rice. Cook for about 15 minutes, taking care to stir constantly, then drain it, put it under cold water for a few minutes and let it rest until it has completely cooled down.

Meantime wash thoroughly zucchini, green peppers, rocket, basil and green apples, then dry everything with a clean cloth. Cut into cubes (or rather small pieces) the courgettes and peppers; then oil a pan, put it on the stove and when it starts to fry, pour in the freshly cut vegetables.

Leave them cook for half an hour taking care to turn them often and add a little water from time to time. At this point cut the apples into cubes, dip them first in the beer, then in the flour and finally in the sugar (it seems a very elaborate process but it is not, in the end a very light and tasty batter will come out!).
Once this is done, your apple cubes are ready to be cooked.
Take a medium sized pan and pour in four fingers of frying seed oil, put it on the stove over high heat and when it starts to fry pour in the apple cubes. It will take 2-3 minutes of cooking, when the apples begin to brown you can drain them and let them dry on absorbent paper.
Then take the bunch of rocket and put it on in the blender together with a few tablespoons of oil (to taste) and pistachios. Chop everything up to obtain a soft homogeneous pesto.

After having drained the rice, cooked the vegetables and fried the apples let cool all for about twenty minutes.
After this time you can combine and mix the ingredients, taking care to mix them well with the green pesto.

Your “literally green” vegan dish is ready.

And as always ... enjoy your meal!

Verdiana Amorosi


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