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Rhodiola is a plant with stimulating and tonic active ingredients useful above all to combat fatigue but also suitable as a natural remedy in other situations. Let's find out all the properties, uses and contraindications of rhodiola.

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La rhodiola it is a plant with stimulating and tonic active ingredients useful above all for fight fatigue but also suitable as a natural remedy in other situations. Let's find out all the property, the usi and contraindications of Rhodiola.

La Rhodiola rosea it is part of the Crassulaceae family and its ideal habitat is the mountain where it grows spontaneously. Today it is actually commonly cultivated in different parts of the world, reproducing the climate most suitable for its growth precisely to exploit its potential in the phytotherapeutic field.

Rhodiola is a plant that acts like adaptogen and tonic, therefore, has characteristics similar to those of the most famous and used ginseng or eleutherococcus.

But let's take a closer look at all its properties.



The properties of rhodiola are highlighted both on the body and on the psyche. It is no coincidence that it is a plant also used in the past precisely for strengthen the organism but also for stabilize the mood.

Among the most interesting active principles of rhodos, we find salidroside (also known as rodioloside or rhodosine), a substance capable of acting on adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine, improving metabolic functions of the organism on the one hand and acting on depressive states on the other.

Rhodiola is a remedy called "adaptogen" that is capable of calibrate the body's response to stress by improving its performance and making the sense of fatigue and tiredness less perceived. In fact, this plant has an energizing, antioxidant effect and also helps the immune system in its daily defense against pathogens.


As for the effect on the nervous system, Rhodiola is especially popular as natural anti-stress remedy since, by acting on serotonin, it is also able to solve anxiety problems or mild depression.

There are those who then use this plant for optimize memory, improve concentration, act on low blood pressure or to increase libido. Rhodiola is in fact a plant that acts on the sexual sphere in a double way: on the one hand it is generally aphrodisiac, on the other it stimulates blood circulation and is able to solve any erection problems, especially those related to the psychic sphere.

Rhodiola can be one also a good ally for those who have to lose weight given its optimizing effect on the body metabolism. Of course, it must be associated with the right diet and regular physical activity.

Some researches have finally highlighted the anticancer potential of this plant, but more insights are needed on the subject.

Summarizing the rodiola:

• IS an adaptogen remedy


• Regulates the mood

Enhance metabolic functions

• Helps the immune system

• Improve concentration and memory


• Improves circulation

• Adjust the pressure

• Antioxidant

• Antitumor


Being an adaptogen, rhodiola is a suitable remedy for dealing with new situations such as a different temperature in the case of seasonal changes but also in periods of psychophysical stress. Taking it every day can therefore help you to face a particularly intense, stressful or tiring moment in your life. This plant sustains and donates a surplus of energy to spend throughout the day.

Here are some situations in which rhodiola can be used:

• Psychophysical fatigue


• Anxiety

• Mild depression

• Poor concentration

• Weak immune system

• As an aid in weight loss

I control the nervous fame

• As an aphrodisiac

• Against low blood pressure

Roots are used in particular from which a dry or liquid extract is obtained or to be used as they are to prepare an infusion. The daily dose is variable according to specific needs and must be calibrated by an expert. It is generally taken in the morning to avoid possible insomnia problems.


Rhodiola has no particular contraindications and is generally well tolerated. This does not mean that it is a natural remedy to be taken lightly. It should not be used during pregnancy or lactation and even if they hire gods drugs (especially if antidepressants or mood stabilizers) it is always good to seek the advice of your doctor. A side effect that can appear, especially in the case of an overdose, is insomnia or nervousness.


Rhodiola alone or in combination with other herbs and remedies is easily found in herbalist's shop but also in pharmacies and natural wellness shops. You can buy rhodiola supplements in different sizes and quantities too onlinand but more and more frequently it is even found on supermarket shelves in the aisle dedicated to supplements and natural products.

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