Research on the harm of sugar hidden for 50 years

    Research on the harm of sugar hidden for 50 years

    As early as 1968, research linked the consumption of sucrose to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but the study would have been covered up by the sugar industry.

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    What is it? refined sugar is not a healthy food, today it is quite well known and confirmed by various scientific researches. In 1968, however, the possible damages of this substance were not yet known, but now a research is emerging that already then linked the consumption of sucrose to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, a study that at the time would have been covered up by the industry. sugar.

    This discovery was made by an American research team (University of California) who announced, in the journal Plos Biology, what is contained in some scientific documents dating back to about 50 years ago. According to experts, the International Sugar Research Foundation (ISRF), connected to a company that produces refined sugar, would have ordered the stop to a research (called Project 259) and the dissemination of the results obtained up to that moment, despite the intention and financed by the company itself.

    How come? You can imagine the answer ... The research, which was to measure the nutritional effects of bacterial organisms in the intestinal tract when sucrose was consumed compared to starch, had come to affirm not only that the consumption of sugar increases cardiovascular risk but also that it involves a increased risk of bladder cancer.

    As stated by Cristin Kearns, head of the research:

    "This Project 259 discovery demonstrated to ISRF that sucrose and starch consumption caused various metabolic effects and suggested that sucrose, by stimulating urinary beta-glucuronidase, may play a role in the pathogenesis (cause) of bladder cancer. "

    Knowing this, the company immediately stopped funding, the researchers could no longer go on and consequently never saw the results published. Experts from the University of California even argue that if this paper had been published in 1968, it would have led to FDA scrutiny and even regulation of sugar. However, commercial interests prevailed over reality and it was not the first or the last time.

    On the question of sugar in relation to the appearance of diseases and on the hidden researches we had already told you about a previous discovery (also the work of American researchers at California University). On that occasion, the American team revealed that the Sugar Research Foundation paid the equivalent of the current $ 50 for researchers to promote a low-fat diet and not mention sugar at all as a possible cause of health problems.

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    The team for this new research also boasted the collaboration of Stanton Glantz, who was the first researcher to reveal how tobacco companies were hiding evidence on the risks of smoking cigarettes.

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