Red chicory diet: how to detox before the holidays

Christmas is approaching and with it the famous "binges". Do not worry, the radicchio diet promises an ad hoc purification in a few days just before the holidays.

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Christmas is approaching and with it the famous "binges". Don't worry, there radicchio diet promises one in a few days depuration ad hoc right before the holidays.

Beautiful, colorful and healthy, radicchio is a vegetable that we should put on the table more often and that has also become the protagonist of a detox diet.

The red radicchio diet can be followed for example to detoxify by playing in advance in anticipation of Christmas and Easter lunches or before other important events, when you are already aware that you will overdo it a bit with food.


Red chicory, property

This diet is mainly based on the properties of red radicchio, which is characterized above all by the ability to deflate the belly, clean the intestines and promote digestion, all this in particular thanks to the presence of dietary fiber.

It is a very low calorie vegetable, rich in minerals (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium) and vitamins (especially vitamin C) as well as fiber. It is therefore endowed with satiating power and very beneficial substances for the body including anthocyanins, antioxidants that give it its characteristic color and give it cholesterol-lowering properties.

The detox effect is then ensured by the presence of chicoric acid, responsible for the bitter aftertaste of this vegetable which helps to purify the liver and, among other things, also to avoid stagnation of liquids and to keep cellulite away.

The active ingredients of radicchio also support the immune system and have a mild laxative effect.

Red chicory diet: how to detox before the holidays

How the red radicchio diet works

At the base there is a low-calorie diet (to be followed for a few days) in which red radicchio is the predominant element, at least in the main meals.

So for lunch and dinner you can think of a radicchio-based menu made for example of wholemeal risotto with radicchio, radicchio salad, baked radicchio, wholemeal spaghetti with radicchio and many other recipes based on both raw and cooked radicchio to choose from. according to your tastes.

Dishes with radicchio can be associated with lean proteins such as those of chicken or raw ham, legumes, blue fish or other. Obviously, be careful not to overdo the portions.

For breakfast, however, you can choose to drink green tea accompanied with whole grains, yogurt and seasonal fruit. As soon as you wake up, to better promote purification, you can drink a cup of water and lemon.

As snacks it is preferable to eat fruit and drink herbal teas (which help to satiate), these are also excellent to end the day and relax before rest. Better to choose detox herbal teas such as fennel tea.

To favor the purification with radicchio, always choose it of biological origin it would in fact be a contradiction to purify with a vegetable on which pesticides have been used.


The radicchio diet has no particular contraindications as long as it is followed only for a few days, better if established first with a nutritionist to make it more balanced and adequate to the needs of one's body which vary according to sex, age, style of life, etc.

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