"Recycle Your Electricals", the campaign against electronic waste that made it possible to recycle 1000 computers, donated to those who need them

    E-waste is a big problem all over the world: recovering and recycling is a way to contain damage.

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    In an attempt to reduce waste, a new campaign has started in Glasgow to repair and recycle electronic devices. Is called 'Recycle Your Electricals' and is run by the non-profit organization Material Focus.

    The initiative involved citizens, associations, repair shops with the help of the city council. The goal is to repair and recycle electronic devices, to then donate them to those who need them. This prevents millions of reusable items from ending up in landfills and gives those in need access to technology.

    I electronic waste represent a major problem all over the world. Extracting the materials needed to build them has enormous economic, environmental and social costs and their disposal is no exception. In the UK it is estimated that every household has at least twenty electronic devices that they do not use, ready to be thrown away.

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    Collecting them, arranging them and selling them at low prices or donating them is one of the solutions that allows you to save on the extraction of rare minerals, reduce CO2 emissions and allow everyone to have technological tools.

    The campaign is enjoying great success. Almost 130 thousand people joined bringing their old e-waste to over 2500 collection points and already have been donate a thousand computers to families who do not have access to the Internet. At the same time, around 250 tons of CO2 were saved that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere.

    "For too long, consumers have been accused of not reusing and repairing enough, but there are no systems to allow them to make better choices," said Sophie Unwin, director of Remade Network, an association that participates in the campaign.

    Recycle Your Electricals is an example of how, in the presence of adequate systems, one can rely instead on collaboration of citizens, associations, businesses, to improve the waste problem and hope for a cleaner future.

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