Recall of organic herbal tea for salmonella risk: brand and lots

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Two batches of the organic Equisetum-based herbal tea of ​​the Bioplanta brand have been recalled for salmonella risk

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A new food alert has been issued by the Ministry of Health and this time it concerns an organic herbal tea based on Horsetail from the Bioplanta brand. The withdrawal of the product was necessary due to the microbiological risk, specifically due to the presence of salmonella.

Two batches of the Equiseto Bio herbal tea of ​​the Bioplanta sas brand could be contaminated and for this reason they have been withdrawn from the market. The herbal teas involved in the recall have a net weight of 100 grams or 1 kg and have the following batches and expiration date or minimum shelf life:

  • TH2001EQ - December 2023
  • TH2101EQ - December 2023

As stated in the document released by the Ministry of Health, the reason for the recall is microbiological risk “due to finding traces of salmonella".

If you have purchased this product, check the lot and if it matches, immediately bring it back to the point of sale where you purchased it for a replacement or a refund.   

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The Ministry of Health reminds that:

Salmonella occurs within days with symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and occasionally vomiting and mild fever, which usually subside on their own within a few days. Infants, children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems can develop more severe symptoms. If you develop any of these symptoms, see your doctor indicating a possible salmonella infection.

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Source: Ministry of Health

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