Ready salads: those without pesticides grown vertically with very little water arrive at the supermarket

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Planet Farm "vertical" salads grown without pesticides and with great water savings are available in some supermarkets

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On 16 September, a new product with interesting features arrived in some retail outlets as well. These are Planet Farm's ready-to-use salads, grown in vertical farming, without using pesticides and with a great saving of water.

The “vertical” salads produced by Planet Farms, in the Cavenago di Brianza plant, are already available on the shelves of some large-scale distribution chains (Esselunga, Il Viaggiator Goloso, Iper La Grande i, To.Market and Gorillas). These are ready-to-use products available in 4 varieties: a blond lettuce and three salad mixes (Spicy, Oriental and Delicate). 

The peculiarity is that all the salads produced in the largest vertical farming plant in Europe, precisely that of Planet Farms, are grown without using pesticides and with a significant water savings (over 95%).  

The "vertical" cultivation, in fact, involves a much lower environmental impact. As the founders of Planet Farms explain on their website, there are also benefits for biodiversity:  

Through vertical farming we save 90% of the land. In fact, for the same area, we produce 100 times more than traditional agriculture. And the soil we save can return to its natural habitat, promoting biodiversity.  

Furthermore, with this type of production, emissions and food waste are reduced:

With our extremely short and integrated supply chain, we shorten the seed-table distance by producing close to the consumption center and only what is needed. In this way we reduce transport-related emissions and food waste.

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As for the packaging, however, the packs of these salads are made in FSC certified material and are recyclable in paper.    

We continue to always prefer the fresh loose salad (organic and km0) but, compared to the classic ready-made products grown with the use of pesticides and packaged in plastic, it is a decisive step forward.

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