Radicchio: 10 easy vegetarian and vegan recipes

Are you looking for vegetarian or vegan recipes suitable for autumn? Radicchio is a seasonal ingredient that you can choose to prepare numerous dishes to be served as a first or second course for lunch and dinner.

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You are looking for vegetarian recipes or vegan suitable for autumn? The chicory it is a seasonal ingredient that you can choose to prepare numerous dishes to be served as a first or second course for lunch and dinner.

Radicchio is one of the autumn and winter vegetables with which we can enrich our tables. We can consume it both raw and cooked. The raw radicchio it is excellent thinly sliced ​​in salads, to be combined with ingredients such as walnut kernels and olives.

You can also use radicchio as a sauce for pasta, as ingredients for risotto and as a filling, for example to prepare rich lasagna. If you love radicchio, experiment in the kitchen and create new dishes, perhaps taking inspiration from our proposals.

Here is a collection of recipes with radicchio easy to prepare.

Risotto with radicchio

Risotto with radicchio, an autumn recipe perfect for a quick but at the same time refined dish, based on vegetable broth, early red radicchio di Treviso IGP and rice, this recipe involves creaming with a little clarified butter that will sweeten the aftertaste slightly bitter typical of this vegetable, which you can easily replace with olive oil. Here is the recipe to follow.

Risotto with red radicchio with almonds and apples

If you like to experiment with new combinations of ingredients in the kitchen, it's time to try the combination of radicchio and apples to prepare a Risotto a little different than usual. This recipe requires you to use almonds, alternatively you can choose walnuts. THU all the instructions for the preparation.

Vegan savory pie with radicchio

Photo source: Vegan Cucina Felice

A vegan savory pie with radicchio to be enriched with potatoes and artichokes in oil. To prepare it you can use a pastry base for savory pies, but it will be even better if you prepare it at home with flour, water and extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.

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Baked crepes with radicchio and ricotta

You can also choose radicchio as an ingredient for the filling of homemade crepes. We suggest a vegetarian recipe to prepare baked crepes with radicchio and ricotta. For the filling you will also need walnuts and grated Parmesan. THU all instructions.

Baked pasta with radicchio

If you are looking for a perfect ingredient to prepare a first course, we recommend radicchio. To prepare baked pasta with radicchio you will need a few simple ingredients to come up with a healthy but tasty dish at the same time. Here is the complete recipe to inspire you.

Barley with radicchio

Photo source: Bittersweet

Another typical ingredient to prepare thebarley is the red radicchio, which is often used in risottos but which is also great in combination with barley to prepare a really tasty dish. THU the complete recipe to inspire you.

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Vegan lasagna with radicchio and walnuts

Photo source: Non Solo Veg

Thanks to this recipe you will learn how to prepare a vegan béchamel with unsweetened soy milk, extra virgin olive oil and wholemeal flour. To season you will need red chicory and walnuts, with the addition of chopped pistachios and sesame seeds. Here all the instructions.

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Pumpkin gnocchi with red radicchio

Photo source: Alessandra in the kitchen

To warm up your autumn evenings you can prepare excellent homemade pumpkin gnocchi at home to be seasoned with a radicchio sauce. Radicchio is excellent cut into thin strips and sautéed together with extra virgin olive oil and walnuts. THU the recipe to follow.

Millefeuille of radicchio

Here is another idea to prepare a recipe with radicchio, a finger food truly exceptional, to be served as appetizer, the radicchio millefeuille is also perfect to be inserted in a aperitif buffet. Here the complete recipe.

Red chicory and fennel salad

From the blog Healing with Colors, here is a recipe to prepare a tasty one salad made with fennel and red radicchio, which will allow you to enjoy the beneficial properties of both vegetables. You can enrich your salad with walnut kernels, orange slices and balsamic vinegar. THU recipe.

Radicchio pesto

With radicchio you can prepare an excellent homemade pesto. For two people you will need a medium sized round head of red radicchio. You will use about half of it. Wash the radicchio and cut the leaves into strips. Blend them in a blender adding extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper. Also add two tablespoons of peeled almonds and continue to blend everything.

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