Qi gong: the amazing benefits and exercises for beginners

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Qi gong is an oriental practice that ensures various benefits to our body but also to the mind. So let's find out what Qi Gong is good for and some simple exercises to get started.

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Il Qigong it is an oriental practice that ensures several benefits to our body but also to the mind. So let's find out what Qi gong is good for and some simple ones exercises to start.

Qi gong is a discipline that comes from traditional Chinese medicineee thanks to which we have the opportunity to increase our degree of vitality and well-being. But what exactly is it about?


What is Qi Gong?

The practice of Qi gong is based on knowledge and the control of vital energy and uses slow movements, breathing exercises and concentration. It is precisely through some very static and prolonged movements, to be performed standing or sitting, that we are able to acquire a greater awareness of the energy that circulates inside and outside our body.

It is essentially a series of gentle exercises composed of movements that are repeated several times, often stretching the body, promoting the circulation of liquids and increasing awareness of the movement of the body through space.

Muscle work is quite different from the typical exercises practiced by Western disciplines, Qi gong exercises are not based on physical effort due to muscle contraction, the goal is, on the contrary, to obtain a sort of relaxation and above all to circulate the energy through the channels in the best possible way.

The possible sequences of movements are many and often the Qi gon is practiced together with the Tai Chi Chuan to which it is closely linked and with respect to which it is less dynamic.

Ma what are the benefits of this practice?

Benefici del Qi gong

Qi gong offers many benefits to those who practice it regularly, some are highlighted on the nervous system and the brain, others on the rest of the body.

This Chinese technique can help for example reduce stress and anxiety, a improve concentration and night rest but benefits can also be found in reducing blood pressure, in health of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and pulmonary as well as, more generally, in the prevention of some health problems.

Qi gong aims to strengthen and balance all internal organs. There are also specific techniques aimed at helping a particular organ: liver, lungs, heart, etc. It is no coincidence that the beneficial efficacy of Qi gong is well known in China where the technique is used for preventive purposes to avoid the appearance of various ailments considering also the fact that some of these derive precisely from conditions of high stress that this technique tends to loosen.

Qi gong can help manage not only stress but also anger, depression, morbid thoughts, mental confusion restoring balance. This technique is also useful on a spiritual level, a bit like meditation. Feeling the energy of the body allows you to better understand thoughts and emotions and aids in spiritual elevation.

Summarizing the benefits of Qi gong:

  • Increase vitality and energy
  • Improve concentration
  • Helps sleep at night
  • Helps the cardiovascular system
  • Help the lungs
  • Keeps muscles, joints and bones healthy
  • Relieves Stress
  • Balance the emotions
  • It prevents some health problems
  • Help spirituality

Qi gong, how it is practiced

Generally a Qi gong lesson lasts from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It starts with some preparatory breathing and stretching exercises and then moves on to postures, static exercises and finally to real movements sometimes followed by a meditation.

You start by practicing Qi Gong 2 times a week by following a course with a specialized teacher who will teach you the correct movements as well will guide you in this discipline explaining better the theories behind it. The ideal would be to practice early in the morning, outdoors and without having eaten first.

Once you have done some practice you can do exercises and sequences even at home. About this we point out some exercises basic that you can follow.

Qi gong, esercizi per principianti

You can start practicing Qi gong dai 5 exercises, linked to the Five Elements: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal.

Opening of energy channels - water element

Marriage between heaven and earth - wood element

Bend the spinal arch - metal element

Spiral energy body - fire element

Gods playing in the clouds - earth element

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Qi gong, contraindications

Il Qi gong it has no particular contraindications if not the fact of, during the first lessons, to avoid too strong breathing techniques. In this sense, the guidance of the teacher is important. Also pregnant women should not practice some breathing and certain exercises.

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