Psylus supplements withdrawn due to the presence of ethylene oxide

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The Ministry of Health has withdrawn three psillus-based supplements: the presence of ethylene oxide beyond the permitted limits has been ascertained

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Three integrators based on Psillus have been withdrawn from the market. According to the safety notices on the Ministry of Health website, the presence of ethylene oxide has been ascertained within the permitted limits.

It is a dangerous substance that in the last year has been found more and more often in foods, especially in those in which sesame imported from India was present. In this case, the products withdrawn are three supplements of the Erba Vita spa brand, based in via dei Faggi n.26, Chiesanuova Rimini.

Here are the details of the withdrawn products:

  • ERBA VITA GROUP - PSILLO CUTICOLA POWDER 100 gr lot 8821 expiry 31/03/2024 (HERE the safety notice)
  • ERBA VITA GROUP - CUTICLE PSILLO POWDER 100 gr lot 4921 exp. 29/02/2024 (HERE the safety notice)
  • ERBA VITA - ISPAGHUL pack of 60 capsules (HERE the safety warning)

If you bought them, avoid consuming them and bring them back for an exchange or refund.

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We supplement the official press release sent to our editorial team by Erba Vita, which contains some clarifications:

With regard to the news of the recall of some batches of Erba Vita brand food supplements containing psyllium cuticle, we are obliged to clarify. The story originates from a large operation that the European Union has been carrying out for many months and concerns a series of raw materials of vegetable origin from India. contact and collaboration with the supplier of the raw material, conducted extraordinary analyzes, which highlighted the non-compliance of psyllium cuticle. As soon as the non-compliance was highlighted, in accordance with the internal company procedure, Erba Vita immediately took action to recall and withdraw from the market the batches of supplements containing that raw material, to protect consumer safety, which has always been an essential value of The information was also promptly forwarded to the Social Security Institute of the Republic of San Marino for appropriate information.

Erba Vita was therefore the first and only company at national level to take responsibility for the withdrawal of products containing that raw material. Erba Vita does not sell its products directly to the consumer, but only to herbalists, pharmacies, parapharmacies or other points of sale used for the trade of food supplements. The product recall letter was promptly sent to all points of sale that had purchased the products in question. Finally, we would like to underline therefore that the problem originated upstream and has nothing to do with the safety standards of our company's production processes. We found ourselves in spite of ourselves having to manage the withdrawal of products whose non-compliance did not depend on Erba Vita. A situation that the company has handled promptly, responsibly and in full compliance with quality and safety standards.

Reference source: Ministry of Health

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