Pregnancy: tips and natural remedies to avoid stretch marks

If you want to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy it is important to eat well, drink a lot and massage the areas most at risk with suitable products.

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Even in pregnancy most women do not give up their beauty and already from the first months they take care to ensure that the stretch marks on the stomach, breasts and hips, all parts of the body which, affected by weight gain, can easily lose elasticity.

Le stretch marks they are none other than points where the skin shrinks in thickness and forms those unsightly signs that can be, depending on the area in which they appear, vertical, horizontal or radial.

Generally stretch marks they begin to appear between the 6th and 8th month and they are a problem that affects 50% of pregnant women, not only because the weight increases but also because of the hormones. The fact is that once they are formed it is really difficult to send them away. It is therefore important try to prevent using various kinds of natural remedies and measures.

To give us some advice on this is a dossier published on the website of the Ministry of Health and drawn up in collaboration with the San Gallicano Dermatological Institute in Rome. Let's see then what to do to avoid stretch marks in pregnancy:


On the market there are several creams to massage the belly, breasts and hips during pregnancy made with substances with an elasticizing power such as boswelic acid, elastin, collagen, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid (but be careful to read carefully Inci to avoid that they contain paraffin or other crap!).

Especially recommended are some oils suitable for preventing stretch marks, they range from simple olive oil to the most used by pregnant women: sweet almond oil. Argan oil, that of wheat germ or rosehip. It is important to remember to use the oils on moist skin so that they can be absorbed better.

Shea butter is also a good alternative due to its great moisturizing properties. However, regardless of the product you choose, it is important that the massage on the interested parties is carried out everyday, you can start from the first months of pregnancy and make this moment immediately become a nice daily cuddle for both mother and baby.


Also in the case of stretch marks we must never forget that it is very important to follow a healthy and balanced diet that also includes the right degree of hydration, so remember to always drink plenty of water.

It is essential in pregnancy to consume vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins in the right quantity while always maintaining an active lifestyle, for example practicing a light physical activity: swimming, yoga, but also simply walking every day for at least 30-40 minutes.

Fundamental obviously not smoking (which among the many disadvantages also has that of aging the skin) e avoid drinking alcohol.


If they appeared, how do stretch marks evolve after childbirth? It depends. In some cases they are permanent, in others they can at least be reduced a little. In any case, however, they evolve, for example by changing color from a pink-red typical of a first inflammatory phase to a lighter ivory or white. Usually after a few months they become even thinner and the surface appears pleated.

There are treatments that can be done after childbirth to reduce the imperfection but they are based on chemicals, radiofrequency or laser. At that point, perhaps, it is better to keep the memory ... a sort of indelible tattoo of the wonder that you have kept in your stomach!

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