Plastic: they recover 25 tons of marine litter with their nets to transform them into benches and street furniture

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The Lazio Region has promoted an initiative to clean the sea from waste: everything that has been collected has been converted into urban furniture

The Lazio Region has promoted a virtuous initiative to clean the sea from waste: everything collected by the participating fishing boats has been recycled and converted into benches and street furniture. When waste becomes a resource for the whole community.

The results of the Fishing for Litter project, promoted by the Lazio Region in collaboration with Corepla, were presented yesterday at the press conference. A two-year sea cleaning initiative that involved 26 fishing boats and numerous fishermen active along the Lazio coast (from Anzio to Civitavecchia).

Over 25 tons of marine litter was collected - literally caught with fishing nets between 16 and 120 meters of seabed. Of the plastic waste collected, 34% is made up of plastic (bottles, polystyrene, various types of packaging) while the remaining 66% is made up of organic residues, fishing and construction nets, rags and ropes made of hemp and other materials. The vessels engaged in the sea rescue operation were given the "Responsible Fishing" logo - a symbolic recognition for their contribution to the protection of the regional marine heritage.

Not only cleaning the sea, but also recycling activities: all the collected material that could be recycled, in fact, was recovered and transformed into street furniture donated to the municipality of Fiumicino and positioned along the promenade on the quay in via Torre Clementina.

With the 25 tons of plastic collected at sea in two years by the fishing boats of Fiumicino and then recycled - said the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti - urban furniture benches were created for the coastal municipality: it is an extraordinary regional project which, with the collaboration of many actors, allows to clean the sea and create furnishings for the territory. Our challenge now is to offer all the coastal municipalities of Lazio urban furniture material by converting waste into a recycled resource.

Presentation of the results of the 'Fishing for Litter' initiative (@Corepla)

The environmental project then also moved to the elementary school of Fiumicino, involving numerous pupils in educational workshops (managed by Legambiente) dedicated to the themes of separate waste collection and environmental sustainability. To the young students who participated in the project, Corepla gave gadgets in recycled plastic and the comic Capitan Ambiente, created in collaboration with the Lazio Region.

Il marine litter is a serious global emergency and as such must be addressed on several fronts, involving institutions, businesses and citizens in a network of awareness and commitment in the belief that a healthier environment is an individual and collective responsibility - he declared Giorgio Quagliuolo, President of Corepla. - We know that 80% of marine litter comes from the mainland due to its incorrect management, careless behavior and illegal disposal. Monitoring the quantity and type of waste collected in order to understand the causes of littering and identify, in synergy with the territorial stakeholders the tools to prevent it, represent a concrete action to preserve the beauty of our territory and transform waste into new resources .

Source: Corepla

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