Plastic or aluminum in contact with food: what are Mocas and what to pay attention to

How to choose the right material for cooking or storing a food without health risks due to the release of dangerous substances

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Have you ever heard of Mocha? With this term, an acronym for Materials and Objects in Contact with Food, all the different materials with which a food can come into contact during its life are indicated.

In fact, food comes into contact with the production machinery, packaging materials, tools and utensils with which we treat them in our kitchens, containers in which we store them.

All Mocas, whether they are made of plastic, aluminum or other, they can release substances into food and this can represent a health problem for consumers.

For this reason, manufacturers must insure the suitability of all materials that come into contact with food, from production to sale.

However, when a food product arrives in our homes, we consumers are responsible for our safety and we must know how choose the materials with which to cook and store food that we buy.

To inform consumers on the correct use of Mocas, the Science Communication Laboratory of the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie a short video of the 100 seconds series in which some tips are given to avoid risks.

For example, it is always necessary check that on the containers that we choose to preserve food, the symbol or wording "suitable for food" is indicated: the symbol consists of a glass and a fork.

Then it must be done pay attention to temperatures, cooking and storage as heat can favor the transfer of substances from materials to food. Before defrosting, reheating or cooking a dish, better check the maximum temperature at which the container can be used in safety, indicated on the container itself.

Did you know then that inside the aluminum trays shouldn't acidic or salty foods be heated or stored?

The possibility that transfers from an object to a food occur varies greatly according to the type of cooking and the methods of conservation, therefore a correct choice of materials in base all’uso, decreases the risks to our health.

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Tatiana Maselli

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