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Pistachio, the health benefits. Today, Tuesday 26 February 2013, the International Pistachio Day is celebrated all over the world, otherwise World Pistachio Day. What better occasion, therefore, to remember the health benefits and nutritional properties of this precious and tasty representative of fruit dry?

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Pistachio, What are the benefits is preferably used for health and nutritional propertiesand of this precious and tasty representative of dried fruit?

Recent studies have shown that the consumption of dried fruit, including pistachio, favors the prevention of obesity. Moderate consumption of dried fruit does not lead to weight gain in a balanced diet and allows the body to supply beneficial fatty acids and proteins of vegetable origin, as well as mineral salts, among which we can find calcium, iron and magnesium, in different quantities depending on the type chosen.

According to a research conducted in the United Kingdom in collaboration with the University of Messina, pistachios are an important source of antioxidants and polyphenols which are released from the food during digestion.

According to experts, pistachios and nuts should be regularly integrated into the diet in order to enjoy their benefits. They, in fact, contribute to reduction of LDL cholesterol levels in the blood and contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The intake of pistachios contributes to raise HDL cholesterol levels (the good one) in the blood, in addition to providing vegetable fibers, oleic acids and monounsaturated fats necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Pistachios are rich in Vitamin E and carotenoids, substances that in the opinion of experts they contribute to maintaining the integrity of the cell membranes of the mucous membranes and of the skin, also offering protection against the action of free radicals.

Pistachios are a source of group vitamins B thanks to the high content of folic acid, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid (or vitamin B5) and vitamin B6. 100 grams of pistachios provide 1l 144% of the recommended daily amount regarding the intake of copper, a mineral involved in metabolism, in synthesis of red blood cells and in the functioning of neurotransmitters.

They are also rich in phosphorus, a mineral that helps to grow the glucose tolerance. For this reason, their intake has been evaluated as a possible ally in the prevention of 2 type diabetes. Finally, the presence of two rare carotenoids in dried fruit makes pistachios a useful food for protection of sight and eyes by the action of free radicals. In this regard, the reference is to their content of lutein and zeaxanthin, both substances which have been correlated with the reduction of the risk of macular degeneration caused by advancing age.

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