Personality test: the way you sit reveals curiosity about your character

Personality test: the way you sit reveals curiosities about your character, find out by taking this nice test

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Body language reveals a lot about us including the posture of the legs which, for example, can indicate whether we are sincere, self-confident, a little nervous, dominant, liars.

This test, a nice pastime, analyzes the way we usually position our legs, revealing some curiosities about us.

Below are the various postures and corresponding profiles.


Legs apart or together

People who usually, while sitting, keep their legs apart or together, tend to be open and confident in themselves. The feet on the ground directed towards the person with whom you are conversing, and the knees together, generally indicate openness, sincerity, attention.

Leg crossed above the knee

Anyone who tends to cross one leg above the knee while talking to someone or stamping their feet impatiently tends to be a liar.

One leg under the other

The more rebellious often tend to place one leg under the other as if to highlight their disinterest in what others think of them.

Legs extended forward

People who sit with their legs extended forward, crossed or not, want to demonstrate their dominance by taking up more space. They tend to be self-centered.

Legs with feet "looking away"

The posture of people who sit with their feet facing in a different direction than the position of the interlocutor indicates that they feel uncomfortable, that they would like to leave. The same is true for those who do not touch the floor with their feet, always denoting a certain nervousness and a need to escape.

SOURCE: iProfessional

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