Peeing after intercourse isn't good advice, midwives riot on Instagram

The truth? The pee should only be done if there is the stimulus!

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Some contraceptive methods, very frequent sexual intercourse, poor intimate hygiene, use of wrong detergents, unregulated nutrition: urinary tract infections They can have multiple causes, but not peeing after intercourse is not one of them. Urinating after sex does not help eliminate bacteria and prevent infections.

On the other hand, many think that this is the case, sometimes thanks to a wrong information that is made on the web. This is the case of the post by Freeda, a colorful feminist publishing startup in a "pop" version, which seems to have stumbled upon a gross error.

Pee after having sex - exclaims. Did you know that it helps kill bacteria and prevents urinary tract infections⁠? ⁠

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In short, it seems that urinating is the best solution, and the only one, to prevent those annoying burns in the vagina. But this is not the case and to reiterate it, under the same "indicted" post, is a series of expert obstetricians and associations that deal with the care of the pelvic floor.

lapelvi1987 says: Pee is not done on command. Any pelvic floor specialist would reject this practice. For the health of your pelvic muscles, do you remember that peeing should be done when you have the urge?

And so theSelene Association:

Bye! We are the midwives of the Selene Association of Rome, experts in pelvic floor. The pee should only be done if there is the stimulus! Preventive peeing is not a good habit!

And finally, the midwife Violeta Benini, the Divulvatrice as she defines herself, known on the web and not only for being one of the most famous midwives. She has thousands of followers on social media and her purpose is to help all women become aware of their bodies.

But do you really think that the leaking urine can prevent the bacteria from rising? Meanwhile, is there a real rise or are bacterial cystitis for other causes? The only precaution in sex would be to avoid anal penetration without washing / removing the condom before passing into the vagina.


He writes, debunking the post-sex pee issue.

The real causes of urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are mainly due to bacteria usually present in the intestine, such as Escherichia coli, more rarely from yeasts, such as Candida albicans. The organisms responsible for the infection travel up through the urethra into the bladder causing inflammation (in some cases they can reach the kidneys through the ureters causing pyelonephritis).

Women are more easily affected by infections due to their anatomical conformation. Sexual activity is a predisposing factor to infection, especially if you are using contraceptives, such as the diaphragm and spermicides, or if you have uterine or bladder prolapse. Finally, urinary tract infections can be favored by the presence of diabetes, neurological diseases, treatments that reduce the immune defenses.

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