Pediophobia, the uncontrollable fear of dolls: what it is, causes and symptoms

Have you ever heard of pediophobia? It is about the uncontrollable fear of dolls, let's find out what it is, causes and symptoms

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Normally dolls arouse tenderness, but some cause terrible fear. If seeing them, or even just imagining them, you also happen to feel particular discomfort and aversion towards them, you could suffer from pediofobia. Namely the phobia of dolls.

Let's find out specifically what it is, what are the causes, the main symptoms and if it can be treated.


Pediophobia: what it is


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Pediophobia is the obsessive and irrational fear of dolls, related to another similar phobia, automatonophobia, which concerns automata, robots, wax statues.

Especially widespread among children, it can persist even into adulthood. Fear is often associated with the idea that the doll may move or observe us. The ambiguous appearance of the dolls, which look human but are not, makes them particularly disturbing. And the greater the likelihood, the more repulsion increases.

Of course, dolls arouse restlessness in many people, the difference is that those suffering from pediophobia are totally terrified of them, to the point of avoiding them in any way.

Pediofobia: cause


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What are the causes? According to reports from Healthline, pediophobia can be triggered by legends and horror films featuring creepy-looking dolls, or by traumatic events related to the dolls.

Pediophobia: symptoms


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People with pediophobia tend to avoid all places where there are dolls, including toy shops.

Furthermore, seeing them, and sometimes even just imagining them, can manifest different symptoms among which:

  • chills and tremors
  • difficulty in breathing
  • strong distress
  • excessive sweating
  • nausea
  • rapid heartbeat
  • anxiety or panic attacks

Babies often show fear by crying. In any case, if the phobia interferes with normal daily activities and creates particular discomfort, it is always advisable to contact a professional to identify the best treatment, according to specific needs.

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