Pasta with artichokes: 10 recipes for all tastes

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Pasta with artichokes is a great way to use this vegetable to season and make a first course very tasty.

pasta with artichokes recipes

La pasta with artichokes it is a great way to cook this precious vegetable and at the same time to season and make a first course very tasty.

prepare the pasta with artichokes it helps us to include these seasonal vegetables in our daily diet in a very simple way and allows us to bring even children closer to the good habit of eating vegetables.

Here is a collection of recipes from pasta with artichokes for all tastes.



Pasta with artichokes

Pasta with artichokes, here is a recipe; perfect for preparing it in a short time. Thisfirst course vegan with a delicate flavor typical of our cuisine, it is quick and easy to make. You will need a few simple ingredients, and a touch of ginger to enhance the flavor of the dressing of this dish.


Pasta with wholemeal artichokes

To prepare your pasta dish with artichokes, we suggest you choose the wholemeal fusilli because they will help you make your pasta much richer in fiber, as in our recipe. See here the recipe for wholemeal fusilli pasta with artichokes to follow step by step.


Pasta with vegan artichokes

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Pasta with artichokes in vegan version it is without butter, without cooking cream and without grated cheese. You can use roasted and chopped almonds or sesame seeds as a condiment. Here the recipe.


Pasta with artichokes and walnuts

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How to enrich your pasta with artichokes? For example, you can decide to add to the walnut dressing whole, chopped or chopped, perhaps after toasting them in a pan. Here the recipe.



Pasta with vegetarian artichokes

Photo source: Tipi Casa

It is very simple to enrich the pasta with vegetarian artichokes because you can dress it with fresh cheese, fresh cream or grated cheese of your choice. Here the recipe.


Pasta with gluten-free artichokes

To prepare artichoke pasta gluten free you will have to choose a format of penne, spaghetti or fusilli, or other type, suitable for celiacs, for example corn pasta, rice or buckwheat pasta. Here the recipe.


Thermomix pasta with artichokes

With the kitchen robot it is even easier to prepare pasta with artichokes because it will help you to make the sauce and in cooking. Very useful when you have to manage large quantities. Here the recipe.


Pasta with artichokes and potatoes

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How to make an artichoke pasta dish even richer? Just add it to the sauce potatoes already boiled or steamed or you can cook the potatoes together with the pasta. Here the recipe.


Pasta with artichokes and cream

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La pasta with artichokes and cream it is a very simple and quick dish to prepare, suitable for vegetarians and even vegans if you use soy, rice or oat cream as an alternative to dress it. Here the recipe.


Pasta with artichokes and saffron

Photo source: Magic Kitchen

If you don't have turmeric handy to season your pasta with artichokes, you can opt for a classic and choose a sachet of saffron or the pistils of saffron to give an extra touch to your plate. Here the recipe.


How to clean artichokes

Does cleaning artichokes scare you? Yet the fresh artichokes to buy at the market or to collect in the garden are the best at our disposal. It takes a little patience to clean them but then the result in your recipes will be extraordinary. Moreover, with the addition of a little lemon juice everything becomes very simple. Just follow our instructions to learn how to clean artichokes.


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