Pasta Tre Mulini (Eurospin), recalled by the Ministry of Health

Four batches of fresh pasta marketed by Eurospin withdrawn due to the presence of soy not declared on the label. All information

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Fresh durum wheat semolina pasta containing allergens. The Ministry of Health has recalled four batches of Tre Mulini pasta because consumption may not be safe for those with soy allergies.

In fact, the latter was not declared on the product label. New food alert on the safety notices of the Ministry. Tre Mulini pasta, produced by the PAC factory in Melfi, is sold by Eurospin, it may contain traces of soy.

In particular, there are three formats withdrawn: fusilli, orecchiette e strozzapreti.

  • Fusilli: the batch withdrawn is n ° 200215 of 500 gr, with expiry date 15/5/2020
  • Orecchiette: the batch withdrawn is n ° 200213 of 500 gr, with expiry date 13/5/2020
  • Strozzapreti: the lots withdrawn are 200213 and 20014 both of 500 gr with expiry dates 13/5/2020 and 14/5/2020

If you have purchased it and are allergic to soy, avoid consuming it. Those who do not suffer from this type of allergy do not run any risk.

To download the notice from the Ministry of Health click here

Reference source: Ministry of Health


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