Packaged fruit juices: Not good for the heart

Especially if consumed regularly every day, packaged fruit juices increase the possibility of incurring a heart attack or angina due to the too high sugar content

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We always advise you to self-produce at home as much as possible to be sure of what you bring to the table and to avoid industrial preparations often rich in preservatives and dyes. We have also proposed to you, instead of packaged fruit juices, some excellent recipes of centrifuges and juices to prepare at home. Well dust them off, it seems that the daily intake of packaged fruit juices can have harmful effects on the heart.

According to research carried out on a sample of 160 adults by a team of Australian researchers from Swinburne University of Technology, led by Dr. Matthew Pase, fruit juices considered by most to be a healthy and genuine drink are actually not because they are too sweet. It would be precisely this characteristic of them a put heart health at risk by increasing blood pressure.

Especially if consumed regularly every day they increase the possibility of incurring a heart attack or angina. To reach this conclusion, the researchers monitored the participants for one year, through a questionnaire and blood pressure measurement.

Among the benefits of fresh homemade juices there is definitely thehigh vitamin content, the same thing cannot be said instead of packaged juices which, subjected to pasteurization, have a low content of these substances (in some cases in fact they are subsequently added to the drink). But what's really worrying, according to experts, is the presence of sugar which can come to equal that of the much demonized soft drinks.

The World Health Organization recommends do not consume more than six teaspoons of sugar a day and with just one portion of fruit juice you can already reach this limit.

So let's choose to eat fresh fruit as it is, with its natural sugar content and, if we really want a juice, let's make it at home!

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