Organic farming is the winning weapon to save the climate

Organic farming could be of great help in the fight against climate change

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THEorganic farming is the winning weapon to fight the global warming and limit the damage inflicted on the planet by climate changes. This is what emerged from the work of a group of international researchers headed by Andreas Gattiker of the FiBL (Foundation of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture).

The study compared the outcomes of 74 international studies who analyzed the effects on the ground of crops biological and of those traditional. And the results left little room for doubt. From various studies it emerged that the amount of carbon present in humus, ie the top layer of the soil is different if the soil is cultivated with 'organic' methods. Well, the lands cultivated with 'bio' methods are able to store up to 450 kilograms more of carbon from the atmosphere, more precisely from the carbon dioxide present in the air.

According to experts, moreover, if all agricultural areas were cultivated with biological methods, the CO2 emissions caused by agriculture would be reduced by 23% in Europe and 36% in the United States. In a long-term perspective, this reduction would correspond to approximately 13% of that needed to achieve climate targets set for 2030.

"The results of the work of international researchers and FiBL highlight how organic agriculture is the only real alternative to produce food and protect the environment - he said. Paolo Carnemolla, President of FederBio - The organic cultivation method, in addition to protecting the biodiversity, the landscape and the waters, contribute to curbing global warming ".

Experts are sure: organic farming is the only viable way to protect human health and guarantee "well-being and the environment in the long term". The health of the planet therefore passes through the earth and departs from the earth.

The study was published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Pnas)

Francesca Mancuso

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