Orange juice every day improves the brain function of over 65s

Orange juice would improve the cognitive functions of over 65s if drunk a lot and with a certain consistency

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You are elderly but you want to continue to have a brain "smart“? Drink a nice glass of orange juice a day! From the already well known antioxidant power, the juice of this citrus fruit it would improve the cognitive functions of the over 65s if drunk with a certain consistency.

To prove it is one study of the English University of Reading, according to which drinking orange juice could help improve brain function in older people.

The survey involved a group of 37 healthy adults with an average age of 67 who consumed 500ml (just under half a liter) of orange juice every day for eight weeks. At the beginning and at the end of the trial period, parameters concerning memory, reaction times and verbal ability were measured, combining them into a single overall score known as “global cognitive function”. They all showed a 8% overall improvement in cognitive functions.

"Improve your mental abilities by 8% - explain the researchers - it is equivalent, for example, to remembering one word more than those that usually come to mind from a shopping list of 15 items. These small improvements spread over an eight-week period could translate into substantial advances throughout the lifespan. Thanks to the concentration of vitamins and sugars, the drink could play an important role in providing the nutrients necessary to keep the brain healthy ".

In short, the researchers are convinced that these results show how the constituents of orange juice can play an important role in providing everything the brain needs, integrating an already healthy and balanced diet.

According to Dr. Daniel Lamport, co-author of the study, “the population is aging rapidly around the world and estimates suggest that the number of people in their 60s could triple by 2100. It is therefore imperative that we explore affordable and simple ways to improve cognitive function in old age".

How can we help the brain and memory stay in place, then? If on the one hand it seems enough to smell certain aromatic plants, on the other hand, it is now proven that even millenary practices such as it Yoga have the power to give one boost of vitality to brain functions, without forgetting, in any case, to reduce the use of smoking, alcohol and junk food as much as possible. And all this also applies to the over 60s: it's never too late to take care of yourself!

Germana Carillo

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