Onions: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best

A collection of recipes with onions for lovers of one of the oldest and healthiest bulbs in the world

A collection of recipes with onions for lovers of one of the oldest and healthiest bulbs in the world

Onions, bulbs already cultivated in the Egyptian era, have always been used in the kitchen both as a main ingredient and to flavor various dishes. In the Middle Ages they assumed so much importance that they were even used as a payment method. Colorful, rich in vitamins and minerals, they are grown all over Italy and many varieties of onions have been recognized as PGI.

With a sweet flavor, onions are well suited for the preparation of preserves, first and second courses or even pizzas and tasty side dishes. We have selected and listed ten irresistible recipes to prepare with onions below.


Red onion jam

Red onion jam is one of the most popular and loved DIY preserves. A traditional and ancient recipe to prepare a "jam" perfect to be enjoyed on croutons or cheeses. The preparation process is simple but we recommend that you follow our tutorial on how to sterilize jars for homemade preserves.

Stuffed onions in the oven

Baked stuffed onions are a really flavorful second dish. Stuffed with stale bread, cherry tomatoes and capers, they are also suitable to be included among the dishes of a cold buffet. The recipe for making them is here.

Onion soup

The onion soup is a culinary preparation of French origins based on onions, butter, and Gruyere cheese. Over time, different versions have spread and some of these with substantial variations, for example it is also possible to prepare the onion soup in a vegan version.

Risotto pasta with onions

Pasta risotto with onions is a recipe for quick first courses to be prepared close to meals. Besides the pleasant taste, its strong point is certainly its cooking method; the pasta is in fact treated like a risotto. The result is an energy saving and therefore economic, and you get a truly exceptional taste, if you want to prepare it for the recipe it is here.

Baked potatoes with onion

Baked potatoes with onion are a tasty side dish to be offered as an alternative to the classic baked potatoes. Delicious and tantalizing, they are crunchy on the surface and, if seasoned with gluten free breadcrumbs, they are also perfect for those who are celiac or must follow a gluten-free diet.

Sweet and sour onions

Sweet and sour onions are another preserve to enjoy onions even in winter. Delicious and tasty, they are perfect to be served between cold and quick appetizers or as a side dish. The step by step recipe for sweet and sour onions is here.

Onion Rings

The onion rings, a dish of Anglo-Saxon origin, are gods onion rings which are first passed in batter and then fried in boiling oil. Very tasty and crunchy, they drive young and old alike crazy; they are usually served with sauces and often accompany classic hamburger buns. The recipe for making them is here.

Spelled penne with red onion sauce

Spelled pasta with red onion sauce is a tasty vegan first course. Tasty and low in calories, it is ideal for those who keep their figure under control or for those who simply love simple and genuine dishes. The recipe is here.

Baked borettane onions

 photo source: mammailaria.com

Baked borettane onions are a tasty and fragrant side dish. Light and aromatic dish, it also has balsamic vinegar and thyme among its ingredients and is perfect to accompany several quick second courses. The recipe is here.

Spelled soup and Tropea onions

photo source: mammailaria.com

Tropea's spelled and red onion soup is a vegan recipe for a delicious first course. Colorful and satiating, it is perfect to serve in autumn when you need to strengthen our immune system. The step by step recipe is here.

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